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We all thought that once Michael Atkinson scooted off to his G-rated world of unadulterated innocence we’d perhaps see some progress on the R18+ debate.

Unfortunately for Australian gamers, and any gamer with a hatred for old coots telling us what we can and can’t play, the push for a strictly adult classification has hit another wall.

Despite there being overwhelming support for an R18+ rating to be introduced into Australian video games, including backing from the Catholic Bishops Conference for Christ’s sake (sorry, Bishop), it seems that the blokes in charge of this, at times, backward nation still aren’t happy with a 98.2% approval rating.

“Consultations, by their nature, attract submissions from people who are passionate about the issue,” said the Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor. “Ministers would like to consider other legitimate views from as wide a cross section of the community as possible.”

This sort of mindless drivel seems to be becoming more and more common amongst ministers involved with the issue. Mr. O’Connor seems to believe that gamers, who make up an estimated 68% of Australians, according to this IA9 survey, are simply a small “interest group”.

I tend to disagree. But then again, I am biased. I’m a gamer, you see. I suppose the majority counts for nothing.

Source: IncGamers via GameSpot AU

  1. You should move to a less silly place. One that doesn’t needlessly censor games… I say japan. I hear its like the future there.

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