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On Saturday, the makers of a wonderful little game called Auditorium are releasing their newest title, Fractal, a puzzle game that is literally designed to destroy your life. Or at least all the freetime you have left in it.

To help buyers decide if the preorder discount price of $9.99 was worth it, there is an in-browser demo you can play on the site, completely free of charge. And if you haven’t made up your mind by Saturday, the release day price will only be a few bucks more than the pre-order. Still a great deal for such a fun and addicting game.

[UPDATE: the release was pushed back to later in May, but the preorder still ends on the 15th so go get on that!]

The basic jist of the game is to form clumps, much like the flower arrangements in Hexic, to take that group of pieces off the board with the ultimate goal of filling the meter in the bottom left of your screen. You do this by clicking in an empty spot near surrounding pieces, that push forces those pieces outward towards the edge while replacing it with the same color piece that your cursor is blinking as. It’s easy to figure out, it’s fun to play, the music and effects slow as the number of pushes you have left decreases… it’s just amazing; especially after they add an extra color and some special pieces.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna get back to that demo. In the time it took to type this post, I could have gotten halfway to my last game’s high score.

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