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Every day, one of the biggest iPhone devs, Gameloft, is giving away a free game with a small two hour window, at random times (sometimes even at 4:00 AM).

Rogue Planet still has a little time left, so go grab it now! Stay tuned to Gamer Limit, where we’ll attempt to keep you updated as much as possible.

Here’s a tip: even if you do not own an Apple device, download iTunes, make an account, and download the game for free! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get an iTouch for Christmas, and you’ll have 100 free games waiting for it.

  1. avatar Ewalk

    What the fuck is an iTouch? I know what an iPod touch is…..

    • What’s a 360, or PS3? I know what an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are ;D

      It’s a nickname. I use both iPod Touch and iTouch interchangeably: I like ‘em both.

  2. “i don’t want, anybody else. when iThink about you iTouch myself. ooOooh”

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