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[Update: Since the time of writing, is reporting that the "Give Whatever You Want" Indie Bundle has been taken down. While the original site states technical difficulties, a staffer at contacted one of the charities involved. The charity stated "we were rather astonished to see our logo on the website ''. We weren't informed about that."

Apparently charities were contacted, but nothing was set in stone. Early yesterday, a staffer for PC Gamer was able to get into contact with the man responsible for the bundle and while his English is broken in the interview, it seems this was an honest attempt to bring indie love to the masses, but the poor execution soured the deal for customers and developers alike.]

The Indie Love Bundle and the Humble Indie Bundle have enjoyed great success amongst developers and gamers alike who enjoy giving and getting great games for great prices. In fact, the ability to split the donation amount between developers and charity offered by the Humble Indie Bundle was so popular, it seems another bundle is attempting to mimic the deal. This latest “give whatever you want” deal features six games, but developer support is not behind the bundle.

The six games that make up this bundle include Aztaka, Gravitron 2, Bob Came in Pieces, Bridge Construction Set, Kingdom Elemental Tactics, and PutUp. However, both the developers for Bob Came in Pieces and Gravitron 2 have released a statement to that says they do not support the bundle.

While no specific details have been given on the games or the bundle, reports have been coming in that customers are being directed to a download site that does not exist after making their purchase, and these two developers doubt whether or not they will receive a portion of the profits from any bundles sold.

With that in mind, both developers have suggested that gamers be aware of the “Give Whatever You Want Indie Bundle” and refuse to support it as well. Since the entire site actual purchasers are directed to is in German, it is impossible to tell whether this was poor planning on the bundle offerer’s part, or if this is truly a scam.


  1. Interesting. Well, with the resounding success of the recent Indie-Bundles, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that some scams are popping up to take advantage of that. Sad though… if anyone needs the support, it’s indie devs.

  2. That’s completely disgusting, and it’s likely to give indie devs a bad name if people aren’t educated on what’s happening and then turn around and get scammed. I hope something is done about it.

  3. So many bundles, so little time… After something like 30% of Humble Indie Bundles being pirated anyway, I suppose this was the next step, eh? ‘Tis a shame. Hope it’s shut down soon if it really is a scam.

  4. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding. I hate to see charities taken advantage of. Indie gamers don’t need this kind of thing either.

  5. avatar Mike Austin

    “Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding”
    no, unfortunatly it wasnt. the guy in charge is incompetent and unable to manage any business :(

  6. avatar Smiley

    This makes everything so complelety painless.

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