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Gaijin Games next entry in their Bit.Trip sieries, Runner, is quickly coming upon it’s release date. How soon you ask? Expect Runner to sprint across your WiiWare channel on May 14th if you live in Europe/Australia and May 17th if you’re in America. It’s so close I can almost taste it!

And, although I’m not happy about waiting three whole days to get it, because their previous games have had much longer delays when making it to Europe/Australia (a month for the first two games and three for Void), I’m letting it slide… this time.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be sitting at my front door awaiting the return of my broken Wii and watching this video repeatedly.

And since we’re now “below the fold,” it’s time to get real: if you own a Wii and haven’t played the Bit.Trip games, you should be open-palm smacked by an effeminate man who happens to be cosplaying as a Final Fantasy character. And if you’re still trying to figure out what the hell a “bit.trip” is, you should be forced to hand over all your gaming equipment to someone who will appreciate it more than you obviously do. Then we’ll strap you into a chair and force you to watch Tom Hanks’ entire filmography with Dylan while he live-tweets about it every five seconds. If that doesn’t sound awful, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

So, now that you’ve been made aware of the gospel of Gaijin, go play some Bit.Trip. At 600 WiiPoints each, you won’t find a better bargain, or better games, on the WiiWare service. And if you, for some strange reason don’t like them, don’t even try to blame me for wasting your money. It’s you who has the bad taste in games.

Source: VGChartz

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    Whoa! This looks frickin awesome

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