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I can finally unplug my ears and stop screaming at the top of my lungs, because Bit.Trip Runner has ended it’s EU/AUS exclusivity. That’s right, it’s already May 17th, and the latest masterpiece from Gaijin Games is waiting on the WiiWare service for you to spend a measly 800 WiiPoints on.

Is it worth it? Of course! I don’t care what system you prefer or how much you’ll miss your trophies or achievements, this is pure fun in the form of retro, musical, platforming. If that doesn’t sound amazing, I think we need to call a doctor, because there’s something wrong in your brain cavity. For the rest of you, there’s video and more beyond the jump.

Unlike some of the other Bit.Trip games, you’ll notice CommanderVideo is the character you assume control of, and instead of your mistakes adding up and slowly turning the screen all black & white before you face a restart, Runner starts you at the beginning of the level after each “bump.” But don’t let that stop you from picking this up! I just finished the first World (around 11 levels, each with its own bonus area for collecting all the gold), and despite some frustrating bits here and there, it doesn’t give you the time to be mad; you’re just thrown back to the beginning and CommanderVideo is off-running within a second or two.

Even when I messed up with the checkered flag within sight, I had to chuckle to myself for having made such a stupid button mistake, and because there was no fail screen or button to push before CommanderVideo started running again, it’s really easy to stay lighthearted about something that would have you throwing the controller in another game.

Anyway… it’s out, I love it, and writing this is keeping me from playing.

Source: Gaijin Games via Twitter

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