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Today mod developer Team Chivalry, who created the popular Half-Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry, announced that it is producing a commercial version of its first-person medieval melee combat mod.

Utilizing the Unreal Engine 3, the revamped mod, dubbed Chivalry: Battle for Agatha, promises “a bigger, better, graphically enhanced game.” The new title will feature forty-eight player multiplayer as well as “More weapons. A more fluid movement system. Character customization.”

Some of you may be wondering why Team Chivalry chose to switch over to the Unreal Engine after working with Valve’s Source engine for so long. The reason for the switch is that Epic, who has a long history of supporting the modding community, offers relatively low rates when licensing out its engine. Apparently Epic only charges a $99 up front licensing fee and a 25% royalty rate on all revenue beyond the first $5,000.

So far Team Chivalry has yet to announce a price, release date, or platform for Battle for Agatha. As soon as more details arrive, you can be sure I’ll post them here.

What do you guys think about this? Does the prospect of a multiplayer medieval melee combat game sound appealing? Is there room for a title like this when there is the Mount & Blade series?


  1. Wait, a game ENTIRELY about melee combat? It’s frenetic enough trying to beat someone’s head in in TF2! I think I’ll pass.

    • avatar Jimmy

      Wait what? You compare “Chivalry: Battle for Agatha” with TF2? Why don’t you try their prievous creation “Age of Chivalry” instead and then leave your comment. You won’t be disappointed. TF2 is NOTHING like “Age of Chivalry”.

    • avatar Jimmy

      BTW, it’s a free mod.

  2. @Kyoshiranui
    I doubt a medieval combat game, which I’m assuming will utilize armor, will feature characters as fast as a scout.

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