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There comes a time in every gamer’s life when you need to swallow your pride and accept the fact that a series can in fact redeem itself with a single title. I’ve been smashing Splinter Cell: Conviction for the past couple of days and never thought I’d be as impressed with a SC title as I am with Jack Bauer’s Sam Fisher’s new escapades.

Head on inside to let us know what you’ve been playing this week, and what games you’re looking forward to in the near future.

After finishing Red Steel 2, I basically jumped straight into Conviction and haven’t looked back. However, I have had some time to check out the demo for EA’s World Cup title, and I must say that I’m quite impressed – looking forward to its release next week!

Other than that, I finally got around to picking up Bad Company 2 (at half price, I might add) and promptly got two missions in before Splinter Cell: Conviction stole me away.

What about YOU?

  1. avatar Callum

    Playing Starcraft getting hyped for Starcraft 2 please do some coverage on it.

    • The only reason there aren’t a ridiculous number of posts about it right now is because our StarCraft 2 nuts are probably still glued to the beta.

  2. Splinter Cell a bit. Nothing but Monster Hunter Tri starting today :)

    It will be the most action my Wii has seen in a year lol.

  3. Been playing Conviction a lot lately. I’ve also done some more Burnout and Katamari on the PS3 though. Other than those, I just need to find time to keep going on Pokemon. I got distracted and never got more than halfway through… as usual.

    • avatar Kar

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  4. Hmm.

    I’m trying to finish Fragile Dreams, but I seriously dislike the game, so it’s been slow as hell. I’ve played a bit of Final Fight: Double Impact, but that game gets old quick without friends to play with, so that’s a bummer. Lastly, I tried to start Super Mario Galaxy. I think I find it a bit too disorienting. I had to stop playing it after less than an hour. It’s a shame, cos the game seems pretty fun.

    • avatar Edna

      DEAD PIXEL!! I dont KNOW you aormnye!??!? since when did u give positive reviews!? WHOS paying you? ill double whatever it is the studios gave you!

    • avatar Khaja

      ksenri1 on April 16, 2011 etzel33! Wind turbines have a little accessory called vane’ which detects the direction the wind is coming from and turns the turbine into that direction dooooh!!!

  5. Been playing Darksiders, and I love it so, it is awesomely awesome. Oh, and the Lead Designer tweeted me to say thanks for thinking it is awesome, which now makes me think it’s awesomer…Hm, I need a thesaurus.

    • I love what I played of Darksiders… but I need to complete it. I got it in late January and Feb-March were crazy for game releases. Glad to hear it continues the awesomeness the first few hours held for me though.

    • avatar Muhammad

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  6. Now that I’ve finally beaten Final Fantasy 13, I’ve moved onto another game I love to hate, Modern Warfare 2. It just feel like every time I get away from that damn game it finds a way to pull me back in. Damn you Infinity Ward. Damn you!!!

  7. Guess what? I’m FINALLY playing Half-Life 2!

    Yeah. Personally, as far as my enjoyment of the game it’s pretty much on par with Portal, in that it’s a beautifully designed and very fun game that at the same time manages to infuriate you for no reason at times. I’ve decided to skip most of the frustration and play with a walkthrough. Go ahead and shoot me.

  8. Wrapped up FFXIII, played the single-player campaign for Splinter Cell, started Metro 2033, with some iPhone love (Espgaluda II) for good measure.

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