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Sick and tired of waiting for The Passing to come to pass? Well wait no more, my friend. Valve updated the official blog yesterday to announce The DLC that brings Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 surviviors together for the first time will be available next week. Whew, that’s a lot of numbers.

For those of you who own the 360 version of the game, you can expect to plunk down 560 MS points for the download, or $7. For the clearly superior PC users, the DLC will be free.

For those who are unenlightened, The Passing will see one of the original L4D cast sacrificing his (or her) self to save the rest of the group. There has been a ton of speculation as to who will be permanently stricken from the record, but my money is on Bill.

He’s old, and let’s face it; the world has too many stairs to climb.

  1. Yeah, birds are dicks.

    (omg I am so excited.)

  2. I haven’t bought L4D2 quite yet, but looks great. My money’s on Bill as the heroic sacrifice, too.

  3. It’s about time, I’ve been dying for something new to come out.

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