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If you are able to tear yourself away from God of War 3 and back into the depths of hell, April 29th is the day to do it. EA recently provided the latest detailed walkthrough for Dante’s Inferno‘s newest DLC: Trials of St. Lucia. As was shown in our review, this is sure to be an interesting DLC for a genre that has been without user creation and co-op for the most part.

As can be seen in the video, users are the core of this DLC experience. Trials of St. Lucia will provide players with the ability to contribute user generated content in the form of trials. It is then up to the players to attempt to tackle these trials with or without a friend and rate what they play to allow others easier access to the best content.

While Dante’s Inferno was riddled with mixed reviews, I will most certainly be joining in on this experience. As a fan of user generated content, Trials of St. Lucia peaked my interest from the moment I saw the video in the retail version of the game. Be sure to let Gamer Limit know if you end up creating some of your own trials.

[Update]: Below is a walkthrough of the editor in Trials of St. Lucia DLC recently released by EA.

  1. Dante’s Inferno was better than GOW 3.


    • I don’t doubt it at all. The only thing I’ve heard from GOW3 players is how great it looks and how its a technical marvel. But when you get down to enjoyment factor and gameplay they get all dodgy.

    • avatar GET A LIFE MATE

      Dante’s Inferno isnt good enough to wipe Kratos sandles soles mate. Thats just a typical Xbox 360 fanboy stupid comment. Your just jealous that the 360 doesnt have any good games anymore so you grab on to one thats on your system thats a copy of God of War and say its BETTER (!!!!!!) You CLEARLY have never played ANY god of war game sif you think Dantes inferno is better.

  2. avatar Zeryos Obsidian

    This is some awesome DLC it is so damn cool and fun finaly you get to have some Dantes Inferno 2 player Co-Op yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah

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