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Hello and welcome to the Weekly Recap. What a busy week we’ve had… all sorts of news, some great articles and blogs, Jesus was murdered on Friday, people frantically partied all weekend while he wasn’t watching, and now I hear he’s alive again via some sort of magic. You can’t get a more exciting week than that without a mountain of blow on your coffee table, a mixed drink in each hand, and strippers dancin’ their little bunny-tails off.

But you didn’t drop by to hear me tell you about how exciting the week was, you’re here to have it recapped for ya. So put on your top hats, fire up those bubble pipe, and get your sophistication glands ready to be overclocked, cause here we go!

Oh, look; someone super awesome did some Nintendo fan art on his blog! I sure hope he keeps posting awesomeness like that in the future.

Michael reviewed Napoleon: Total War and made me realize I know little-to-nothing about Napoleon. American public school education, FTW!

Continuing the weekly poll thing, Failboat wants to know whether you prefer Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask. All the cool kids picked the latter cause it’s obviously superior and more unique. So go there and be a cool kid. Seriously. Do it.

Remember that weird countdown BioWare had going on all their sites? It turned out to be for some lame marketplace auction thingy. Since it’s not Star Wars related, I’m ignoring it and moving on now.

Sean got some hands on action with upcoming XBLA title Breach, a multiplayer shooter based around destructible environments and teamwork. Sounds familiar… but why mess with a winning strategy, right?

If you caught the livestream of the IGF awards, you know at least a little bit about Limbo. Well, go check out this write up based on Sean’s hands-on time with the game. I’ll definitely be buying it.

Boobs, guns, and mobsters!? That’s what Andrew got to play with in his Mafia 2 hands-on time. I never played the first, but the sequel is sounding pretty darn good.

For the next civ game, the one with a 5 at the end of it, they’ll be making some pretty sweeping changes, as detailed in this Civilization 5 Demo Impressions. Looks to be interesting. I’ve never gotten into these games, but I have friends that lost months of their life to those games.

I heard the words “Puzzle Quest 2 and I clicked immediately. You should do the same.

Remember that one game about a serial killer that has completely revolutionized gaming?  Well, it got an update in the form of some DLC. It’s called Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode 1: The Taxidermist and it adds even more plotholes and confusion to the overall story! But it also continues to revolutionize everything ever, so you should play it repeatedly to get ready for the future and all the wonders it holds.

I didn’t have high expectations for Rage of the Gladiator (okay, I had no expectations cause I first heard about the game when Nick told me he was reviewing it), but it looks to be a pretty decent title… which is a rare but welcome surprise for the WiiWare service.

Chase got to interview Twisted Pixel’s Lead Programmer, Mike Henry, one of the masterminds behind The Maw and ‘Splosion Man, and it’s a fantastic read. Also, if you haven’t played either game, do yourself a favor and do so. I highly recommend The Maw.

Just in time for the Easter holiday, Nick posted a “Free Game Frenzy” about Run, Jesus Run! It’s not only fantastic, quick, and fun, but sorta educational, too. Then again, if this type of stuff were important, we’d probably learn about it in school right? That’s what school is for, I’m told.

Dylan has some solid tips for midnight game release events. There are lots of pictures too, so even those of you who can barely read should be able to enjoy it. Not like you would have made it this far in the recap… but just in case you Ctrl+F search for the word “pictures,” this is the post for you.

On Limitcast Episode 36 they asked the important question of whether cheesecake a pie. I think it’s more of a pie than a cake, but who would eat something called cheesepie? It sounds like some sort of poop-sickness. And no one wants that.

But you can also expect them to discuss God of War 3, Pokemon, Bad Company 2, the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo, and Final Fantasy 13 some more. Oh, there was also some discussion on the new Nintendo 3DS news that broke last week.

What did I tell ya!? It was a jampacked, party-tastic week. And, before the magic of the holiday is completely forgotten, I thought I’d give you a little video to ponder throughout your work day:

Magic, indeed… now, ponder away!

  1. That header image is just what I needed today… a hearty dose of Andrew W K.

  2. “get your sophistication glands ready to be overclocked”


    Also, thanks for another awesome recap!

  3. I went from surprise, to horror, to laughing my ass off within two seconds following my seeing that video in its entirety. Bravo!

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