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Yeah, welcome to the recap, I guess. Sorry If I seem a little down this week, but it just hit me that I’m the only GL staff member with a beard right now, and so my wonderful abundance of facial hair and I are just feeling a bit down. Why does that make me sad!? Because facial hair makes the world go ’round. That’s a fact, proven by science over and over again. Just look at all the awesome people that had facial hair: Jesus, Einstein, Freddie Mercury (before he died of gaids).

I don’t know how many examples you need… but the point is, you should stop shaving. And you should also read the recap. Cause I have a beard, so it’s definitely worth your time.

Not to be one upped by other reviewers, Michael has written up his thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII. I’d have read it, but I think if I hear any more about that game I’ll stab someone. I’m sure it’s fantastic though. So go read it… and then don’t mention it to me unless you hate your face.

To really hit home the impact of all the losses Infinity Ward has suffered recently, Michael posted the current credits of Infinity Ward over in his blog. It really hits home how screwed the studio, and Activision in turn, seem to be.

Continuing the tradition of being late with my “Friday Fan Art” posts, I barely got this week’s up while it was still Saturday. It features some space animals, crazy eyes, and mustaches, though. That’s worth a look right?

Failboat’s weekly poll is about Online Gaming this week, and how it effects your purchases. It seems that, so far, I’ve given the definitive answer, so if you haven’t answered yet go tell me how wrong I am (or, preferably, how correct I am!).

If you’re wanting to learn some game music on your guitar, failboat has found a videogame tab website that you may want to check out. This reminded me that I have played with fake plastic guitars more recently than I’ve played my real guitars. How pathetic…

Inspired by the new Splinter Cell game, one of our new bloggers has posted some art with real Conviction. Get it!? hahahah… it’s funny cause that’s the title of the game.

Paul has some more amazing gaming art you should check out as well. Nine badass pics in one blog. Why haven’t you clicked that yet!?!?

Inspired by his recent musical rejuvenation, nofuneral is looking to get back into games with more veracity and is taking suggestions on how to get his game on. Go throw down some suggestions to help pull him back into this wonderful addiction.

Rocking five posts in one week, gameguypeter was on a freakin’ roll. Go check out his blog and give him some feedback. All that hardwork deserves it.

From what Sean says in his review of Royal Envoy, I’m gonna stick with the more addicting and cheaper xbla game A Kingdom for Keflings. But if you can’t get enough of those games, or don’t have a 360, you should definitely check it out. The price is a bit hefty, but it sounds pretty decent.

As long as it’s better than it’s predecessor, Red Steel 2 should be at least worth a look. And from Simon’s review, it looks like it might be! Hopefully the first game’s horrible reputation doesn’t completely ruin the sequels sales numbers.

In his most recent editorial, James asks whether anyone really cares about 3-D, and from the looks of the comment section, not really… but they do want to argue about it anyway! Go join the fun.

Chase was too scared to breakup with Final Fantasy XIII in person, so he wrote him a letter and is letting us in on the Dear John note. And who doesn’t love to read juicy breakup notes like that!? *giggles*

Other than a few dudes getting naked for the crew, Limitcast Episode 38 – Full Screen, Click! went off without a hitch.

They discussed StarCraft II’s collectors edition, whether BulletStorm is just a Gears of War clone, investigated the continuing drama between IW and Activision, and probably made fun of Chase and Dielawn Dylan every time they talked for more than a few seconds… as they deserve to have done.

In the wrapup this week, I thought I’d throw out a congrats to the ever-wonderful Martin Bigg for finishing up his collection of outtakes for the machinima piece he masterminded, Collateral Collision. Check the video below and drop by the actual post to let him know what ya thought.

That’s it for this week. See ya next week… you beardless bastards.

  1. I will always laugh at your beard. Thanks for the Collateral Collision plug!

  2. I have a permanent 5 O’clock shadow. Does that count as a beard?

  3. avatar Chris Graham

    i’ve been trying to grow a beard for 25 years… i hate strong gusts of wind!

  4. I just can’t grow anything more than tufts of fur that don’t look anything like a beard. That and my family has more or less forbidden me from looking scruffy, as they put it. I’ll stick with shaving.

  5. avatar Dangerous

    I feel like there is a flash of some extraordinary text popping up on the main image, but I can’t be sure. It’s freakin me out man!

  6. Think again, Mark. Although my picture doesn’t show it, I’ve been growing my manly beard of awesome for the past 2-3 months.

    Women now cross to the other side of the road if they see me walking on the same path as them. (That actually happened yesterday)

    Beard brothers!

  7. Sweet week. I’m too much of a youngin so I can’t grow good beard… yet.

  8. Thanks for the recap Mark. I love seeing all that awesome Game Limit goodness. :-)

  9. avatar Alex


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