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It’s time for your Weekly Recap. I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad that this past week is done with. Why? Because we had two freakin hippy holidays back to back, that’s why. I did my best to ignore them both, and it worked pretty well seeing as how I work nights and never leave my apartment. But they still managed to work their way into my digital world, and I’m afraid the smell of pot and petuli will be stuck in my nostrils for weeks to come.

But enough with those horrible, traumatic memories… the faster we get this recap over with, the faster we can get to work repressing all the horrible hippy-ness.

You may not care, but my wii totally killed itself. I’m trying to decide if it’s Nintendo getting back at me for the shit I talked on the motion control gimmick, or if they are just trying to save me from the addiction which is Monster Hunter. If it was the latter… they have failed. PSP, ftw!

Michael had his hands full this week, dropping reviews of Yakuza 3 and Just Cause 2 like he was meant to do nothing but review games I wish I had the time/money to play. If that’s his calling, then he’s quite good at it.

After letting us know it hit the PSN in late March,  Alex got to work reviewing Section 8 on PS3. If you’re interested in this game at all, I really suggest you take a look at this. After all, Alex Yue isn’t just a man… he’s a legend (because I just said so).

Even the most diehard Sega fans admit that the past decade has been rough on their spiky, blue speed demon of a hedgehog. But maybe this catchy song will help them feel better… or worse… about the prospects of a sorta differently colored retro Sonic game.

Michael recapped some of The Escapist’s Developer’s Showdown that happened this past March. I think I completely forgot to check that site in March so I had no idea it was even happening… so thanks for posting about it Michael!

In Failboat’s weekly poll this week, he asked whether we prefer WRPG’s or JRPG’s. So far, everyone has sided with Western RPGs… but maybe you could turn that tide. Or, you know, you could just go bash FF13 with us. It’s all the rage!

Apparently there is a new aggregator on the block to compete with N4G… and it’s name is: GameJizz! Yeah, you read that right. And yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking/picturing. And I’m pretty sure you’re on that site instead of reading this… so I’ll stop typing about it and join you.

James may be new around GL, but his list of Notable Summer Releases is a nice refresher of all the glorious gaming we have to look forward to in the coming months. Thanks for the awesome list, James… and welcome to the Limit.

Having shared some awesome SC art with us last week, Paul took the time to write up a Splinter Cell: Conviction Review for the FrontLine. It’s a solid game, a good article, and excuse me but I think I need to go play this game now… oh, wait… I should finish the recap first. *grumble-grumble*

Podcast master and Starcraft aficionado, Josh Quinnet, has decided it’s time to start writing again. He kicked it off with a post about just that and then posted some original fiction as well. They’ve both worth your time, so stop not reading them right now, and click on them links!

You should really just read the Top 5 Gaming Oddities that will blow your mind cause there’s no real way to recap how awesome it is. So do that… and just pretend I had some witty crack about it.

When I was in college, I did things like jumping off of things, and chugging bottles of syrup and puking for hours on end, but it never occurred to me that I could have been making Mega Man out of post-it notes. I’m sure my parents are disappointed.

As with last week, GameGuyPeter has posted a bunch of awesome content. So instead of writing up five different things for him, you should just check out his blog and cruise it for yourself. The man is a freaking blog-beast… go feed him with comments (and wish him a Happy Bday while you’re at it).

I have no idea how to pronounce it, but Sean reviewed Espgaluda II for the iPhone this past week and makes it sound pretty dang good. If you’ve got an iDevice, you should probably check out his review so you can have something new to play while droppin’ the kids off at the pool.

Has the PSN gotten it’s own version of Professor Layton in the new Blue Toad Murder Files – The Mysteries of Little Riddle? Don’t ask me, cause I didn’t review it; but Zeth has some thoughts on just that subject, so wander that way and let him enlighten your mushy brain parts.

Simon (and his awesome beard) seemed to really enjoy Splinter Cell: Conviction. Which is good, because me and my beard thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Oh, and Sam Fisher has a beard too… and all of our beards think you should play it.

Suicidal ninja robots!? That’s what Plain Sight has you controlling. And although it sounds wonderful from just that brief, mind-blowing introduction I gave it, Chase thinks you may want to think twice before throwing down fliff on it like a sultan.

It seems like the atmospheric, post-apocalyptic shooter, Metro 2033, kinda got lost in the mess which was March. But Kevin just smacked you in the face with his juicy review of it… so what are you gonna do now, huh!?

Further proof of Alex Yue being a legend among men comes in the form of his review of Mount & Blade: Warband. I’d never heard of the series/game before, but apparently it’s quite good. And why would Alex lie to us? Exactly… he wouldn’t.

In this Saturday’s Editorial, Jason looks at EA’s Future DLC Plans and why they raise some serious concerns for gamers. To fuel your rage a bit, it involves paying for demos and premium DLC. Hit the link for the full details and feel free to rage in the comments, cause this stuff is getting pretty ridiculous.

Stephen fears that second-hand gaming will be swallowed by greed. Others fear that second hand gaming is a form of piracy that plagues the industry and and keeps the cost of games higher than they otherwise may be. I bet one of those statements hit a nerve with you, so go read his thoughts and voice your own in the comments. I’ll be waiting there to argue with you, no matter what you say.

There have been a lot of solid games so far in 2010… but deciding what the Best Game of Q1 was? I’d say Deadly Premonition! And although Zach agrees with me, I bet you don’t.

On Limitcast Episode 39: What It’s Like to Have Money, the guys discuss the further adventures of Activision and Infinity Ward, Blizzard’s insanely popular DLC, and the shift towards 3D.

And even if you were at the live recording or caught the show on whatever your podcast network of choice is, you should click that link for the awesome header. I had like a full on nerdgasm when I first saw it.

That’s it for this week. I figured after bashing on hippies so hard in the open, I should probably end with a stoner I appreciate just to patch any bridges burned… so, enjoy the wonderful standup of Doug Benson.

Oh, and speaking of transitions, you should go rate/review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so the guys won’t whine about it forever. It’ll make them feel all warm and special inside. And if anyone needs that sorta boost, it’s Chase.

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    Watch his movie “Super High Me”; a documentary on the effects of an avid smoker quitting for a month, then smoking non-stop for a month. They compare various experiment results such as a medical screening, SAT (which he scored higher on while high), psychological examination, even a psychic ability test?

  2. Super High Me was just an excuse for him to get bent every day; it offered very little in the way of factual information that wasn’t already common knowledge at the time.

    Still, it was pretty funny.

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. Great recap!

    Also my name has a capital at the start.

    That is all.

    • Whoops! Sorry about that. I’ll go in and fix it up for ya. Thanks again for the weekly polls. It’s been cool to see the different responses and feedback each week.

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