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Today word got out that a made-for-TV movie based on THQ’s sci-fi action series Red Faction will be coming to the Syfy channel.

For those of you who aren’t familiar on the Red Faction series, let me fill you in. The games take place on Mars and revolve around class struggle between miners (extracting resources for Earth) and the oppressive Earth Defense Force (who are forcing the miners to work for next to nothing). The miners form a rebel group, dubbed the Red Faction, in an attempt to overthrow their task masters.
The movie is, apparently, a two-hour experience that will serve as a pilot for a potential TV series deal.

According to THQ, there is a fourth Red Faction title in the works, “produced in conjunction with Syfy Games.” THQ has stated that this new game will arrive no later than March 31, 2011.

Personally I’m excited for this made-for-TV movie. I have two TV guilty pleasures; the first of which being old re-runs of Walker Texas Ranger, the other being Syfy original movies. I just can’t get enough of the crappy acting and the hilariously poor CGI. Every time I watch one of Syfy’s movies I am reminded of the goofy FMV games from the mid 90′s.

Are you guys as excited as I am for this? Am I crazy for liking these kinds of crappy movies? Do you think Red Faction will translate into a film well? On a side note, what are some of your TV guilty pleasures?


  1. I haven’t really played the games. I’ve got RF:G sitting on my shelf thanks to an early Darksiders purchase though, so I guess it’s time to get into it before the movie is out. I do tend to love TV movies, as bad as they are.

  2. avatar ssassin

    I don’t see how this can be called Red Faction Origins the original Red Faction took place in the Ultor Mines between minors and guards in the game you even enter the old mining complex from the first (original) game. In fact they are the ones who call in the earth defense force to stop the Ultor mining company this sounds like it, in no way, covers the origins of the red faction will Eos (the one who started and lead the red faction) and Parker (the one to bring down the Ultor mines) go forgotten?

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