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By: | April 1st, 2010
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If you were lucky enough to snatch up a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold, then you’re all set to get your free “Yellow Forest” DLC, which gives your Pokewalker an extra destination to walk through, and enables you to catch all sorts of regular and rare Pikachu specimen for fun and sport.

All you have to do is select “mystery gift” from your game’s main menu (before play), then select “get via Nintendo WFC”. Boom! Free DLC downloaded to your DS’s cart (compliments of Nintendo Voodoo Magic). All you have to do to enable it is go to any Pokemart, talk to the guy in green, and save your game. Extra unnecessarily long instructions are available on the official website if you’re so inclined. The Yellow Forest will be available to download through May 5th, so get those excuses ready for when your boss asks “is that a tiny Pokeball, and why are you running in circles around the office?”

  1. Downloading now. It’s sad but it is totally part of my routine to set up and transfer to and from the pokewalker several times a day. Damn you, Nintendo! Now I look nerdier than ever…

  2. The only complaint I have against SoulSilver/HeartGold is that you can only gain one level per session with a pokewalker. I wish it was just twice as hard to gain a level, and you could gain like five at a time.

  3. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it. There’s so many Pikachu running around, it’s like watching a swarm of large, yellow, electric mice.

    Oh wait …

  4. avatar Nick

    i would rather a pack of shotgun shells on my belt that level up my MW2 charachter personally :p

  5. avatar Achu

    After you help Riley in Iron Island Cave and defeat the two Team Galactic Grunts, he will give you an egg. The egg will hatch after 6,391 steps and contnias a level 1 Riolu.UnownGet some Dusk Balls, and go to Solaceon Town. Move west up the top, then enter the cave. Go inside and walk around. You will find lots of Unowns. One Dusk Ball should catch them without failure.Instant defrosting without an itemIf you have a Pokemon on the field that is frozen and knows a Fire-type move, use that move. The Pokemon will instantly defrost, and the move will continue as if the Pokemon was never frozen. This trick will not work if the move fails.PokeballsTo get free Pokeballs of all types, go to the house to the right of the Pokecenter in Solaceon Town. Catch the type of Pokemon the man requests that day. Show it to him by the time he must run his article. Save the game before you show him the Pokemon. If you do not get the type of Pokeball desired, turn off the game and talk to him again.Turnback CaveTurnback Cave can only be found after getting the National Dex. Turnback Cave is located in Spring Path (the fourth and secret lake of Sinnoh), in Route 214. You can find the legendary Ghost/Dragon type Pokemon Giratina here. Unlike its Japanese version, Turnback Cave is actually a random generated maze, in which there are square-shaped rooms with four doors, one on each side, along with some rocks. Every time you enter a room, it is practically impossible to turn back to it (hence the name). There are special rooms with pillars. The goal is to pass through three of these pillars located randomly every time you enter into another room before entering into a total of thirty rooms. If you are lucky enough to pass through three of these pillars, you will find a room with a huge pillar and a wild Giratina standing in front of it in the center. Note: Be careful; it is level 70. Once you catch/defeat it, take any door from the room. It will lead you to the main room, in which you have the option of leaving the cave through the door at the south in front of the stone tablet, or to try to generate the map again to get to the room in which Giratina was found. Though Giratina will not appear again, there are rare items you can get from the room. Depending on this criteria, you get a certain item or event:Cross through three pillar rooms and not any other room: Reaper’s Cloth (used to evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir).Cross through three pillar rooms and any other room: Rare Bone (can be sold in the Pokemart for as much as a Nugget).Cross through thirty rooms in total without crossing through three pillar rooms: Get to the starting room.Inside Turnback Cave, you can randomly find Pokemon between level 40 and 60.

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