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Another year, another Madden. Following news of the newest cover athlete, an official trailer of Madden NFL 11 has been released. This year’s installment promises a simpler, quicker, and deeper experience.

Just as each year before, changes in Madden concern me. However, I stay optimistic and just remember that those behind the game love this franchise just as much as I do. Either way, you be the judge as what follows is surely interesting and intriguing to say the least.

While the trailer below does not reveal as much as one would hope, it seems Gamestop has posted some of Madden NFL 11‘s new features recently:

Madden NFL 11 redefines the way you experience the game of football. Simpler. From 350 plays down to 1, the all-new GameFlow system puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback, allowing you to execute an authentic, tailor-made game plan one play at a time. Quicker. With 60-minute game times reduced to 30, spend more time on the field and less in the playbook. Same drama, half the time. Deeper. Madden NFL 11 reinvents how you play online with the all-new Online Team Play mode featuring 3-on-3 co-op play. Madden NFL 11—Simpler. Quicker. Deeper than ever before.


  • From 350 Plays Down to 1 – The all-new GameFlow playcall system puts you inside the helmet of an NFL quarterback like never before, allowing you to execute authentic NFL game plans one play at a time. Add a new level of strategy by customizing your own offensive and defensive game plans, or have plays based on your favorite team’s real-life tendencies called for you.
  • Play Games in Half the Time – With an all-new playcall system, spend less time in the huddle and more time on the field as you experience the drama and excitement of a full game in less than 30 minutes.
  • Don’t Just Play, Feel It – All-new Dual Stick Control drastically reduces button dependency for the ball carrier by mapping key moves to the right and left sticks. Run through holes, break tackles, and explode in the open field with a more fluid, intuitive, and responsive running system. All-new locomotion provides true acceleration and deceleration, plus natural planting and cutting, while delivering the authentic-feeling Madden NFL to date.
  • Play, Learn, Win – Rookies can enjoy success quicker than ever before. New Coaching Tips automatically pause the game at critical points to help explain each situation as it unfolds. A revamped playcall system draws player routes on the field as in-game coach’s audio provides helpful hints to better execute the play.
  • Redefining Madden NFL Online – Last year we gave you Online Franchise and Online Co-op, now Madden NFL 11 delivers an all-new game mode that will change the online experience yet again. Details Coming Soon!
  • See It. Hear It. Feel It. – Experience a new level of excitement with revamped audio presentation. From the booth to the field, Madden NFL 11 brings gameday to your living room like never before. Details Coming Soon!

While my concern for GameFlow was high at first, Ian Cummings answered over Twitter what seemed to be a common concern: “Had a couple people ask if they can make Madden NFL 11 *not* be quicker or simpler…100% yes. But try not to judge yet til you play. :)

As a die-hard football sim gamer, the news revealed in the features and trailer sound exactly like a common theme among games today: broadening install base. Madden can definitely be a tough game to walk into for someone new to the franchise, and GameFlow looks to be a great solution to making the game more approachable. Still, it is good to hear that it will not impede those hardcore matches I play so often.

For some, new modes are the appeal to renewing their Madden experience. This year, as seen above, is a 3-on-3 online co-op mode. While this feature sounds interesting, I genuinely hope that the online co-op issues in Madden NFL 10 have been resolved as it continues to be my least visited mode.

So there you have it. Are the new features this year enough to bring you back to the gridiron come August 10th?

  1. It sounds like they’re just bringing “new authenticity” that Backbreaker already has. In any case, to answer your question, hell no.

    I want a more indepth owner mode. It seemed pointless to worry about finances and your salary cap if you didn’t change how you made income.

    Also, superstar mode in Madden 10 was ridiculous. It was basically calendar and you just played each game. Always guaranteed a starting position. What bs is that?

  2. avatar Eric

    I want OWNER MODE.

  3. avatar Henry

    Make franchise mode like NBA 2K10′s Association mode, that means ultimate control, from gameplan to development practices. Let rookies and young players have a potential stat like in 2K10 that actually makes them better after each season. And EA’s NCAA football 2010′s Road to Glory was incredible but when I brought my guy into Madden it was stupid. Make Madden superstar as in depth as Road to Glory.

  4. avatar trading draft pick in online franchise mode would be cool


  5. avatar fssh

    for ps2 want to be like a real game like showing the stadium at the start if u know what im saying

  6. avatar hiyall

    want in nfl superstar mode you get to start any position

  7. avatar higuys

    i want more signature td dances like TOs popcorn throw and ocho cinco lambo leap vs the packs

  8. avatar ohyeah25

    i wish that u can make players have ear rings like TOs

  9. avatar yankeeman22

    i wish u can play the pro bowl AFC vs NFC and in the stadium

  10. avatar TO

    I wish they made me look buff

  11. avatar Ke$ha

    like my new song

  12. avatar mario2

    i like to eat chickens im a farmer go fly a kite or take a hike

  13. avatar Anonymous

    Getting sick of PS2 players complaining. Go buy a PS3 and stop asking for things your system cannot process.

  14. avatar Jimmy

    Well, get sick then

  15. avatar mario2

    i love u jimmy

  16. avatar jimmmy


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