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With the NFL draft last week and Madden NFL 11 details revealed, the NFL season feels that much closer. And what would the NFL season be without a little Madden?

“Simpler. Quicker. Deeper.” This year’s Madden promise screams accessibility. But rest assured, these developer diaries shed some light in what will surely aid both the hardcore and casual fans. Enjoy the first two videos of a five-part video roundtable series from EA Sports right after the break.

  1. I’m not interested in Madden the game anymore, but I’ll still get it for the updated roster, to fantasy draft/sim with my friends for fun.

  2. avatar tsdpftr

    far more than monster hats

    I collect these. Additions to this list are welcome. Also, note that in some instances I don’t know the foundation of the particular expression. For those who have knowledge or theories of origin for anything below, I’d also like to hear from you. I think you’ll enjoy these.

    Talking Through Your Hat

    To speak nonsense in order to lie. c1885. a job interview on the planet entitled “How About White Shirts”, a reporter asked a New York streetcar conductor what he thought about efforts to find the conductors to put on white shirts like their counterparts in Chicago. “Dey’re talkin’ tru deir hats” he was quoted as replying.]

    Eating Your Hat

    There is no such thing as a sure thing, but that is where this expression originates from. Should you tell someone you’ll eat your hat when they make a move, make certain you aren’t wearing your best hat-just just in case. expression dates back a minimum of towards the reign of Charles II of The uk coupled with something to do with the amorous proclivities of ‘ol Charlie. Apparently they named a goat after him that had his same love of life which included, in the goat’s case, eating hats.]

    Old Hat

    Old, dull stuff; out of fashion. seems to range from fact that hat fashions are never stand still. The fact of the matter is that hat fashions was not changing very fast whatsoever before the turn of the 19th Century. The expression therefore is probably about A century old.]

    Mad As A Hatter

    Totally demented, crazy. did, indeed, go mad. They inhaled fumes in the mercury that was part of the procedure for making felt hats. Not recognizing the violent twitching and derangement as the signs of a brain disorder, people made fun of affected hat-makers, often treating them as drunkards. Within the U.S., the condition was called the “Danbury shakes.” (Danbury, Connecticut, would be a hat-making center.) Mercury is not used in the felting process: hat-making — and hat-makers — are secure.]

    Hat In Hand

    A demonstration of humility. For instance, “I come hat in hand” implies that I come in deference or in weakness. assume that the origins come from feudal times when serfs or any lower people in feudal society was required to take off their hats in the presence of the lord or monarch (remember the Dr. Seuss book “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins”?). A hat is your most prideful adornment.]

    Pass The Hat

    Literally to pass your hat among members of an audience or group as a means for collecting money. And to beg or request charity. origin is self-evident as a man’s hat turned inverted makes a fine container.]

  3. avatar mikail

    there was no voting on speed they take the 40 yard dash time check back into medadn 07 08 and such devin hester was the fastest player in the nfl and he had stat of speed 100 cause he? brought tht speed to every game and showed that top speed off making him eligible for that 100 stat now desean jackson is so that makes him eligible for it which he has done.

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