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Hey, hey everybody!  The Limitcast is prepping for another great, live show this week!  Make sure you join Josh, Paul, Shawn, and myself at 7:30 P.M EST as we tackle the latest news stories, new releases, and resident buffoonery we’ve made ourselves famous for.

Hit the jump for this week’s topics.

Well, it looks like we won’t be getting rid of Activision vs West/Zampella anytime soon. Develop reported that Activision decided to play Robin Hood and give the money that West and Zampella “allegedly” tried to steal to their former co-workers. Honestly, this bonfire has gotten out of control and now everyone is pissing on it with gasoline.

I want to know what happens – badly – but I’m beginning to wonder if whatever credibility Activision had left with me (they are publishing Blur), and my love for Infinity Ward, will be forever scarred by these petty actions. Isn’t it time they started keeping the childish dick waving contest to themselves?

I got a chance to play Splinter Cell: Conviction, and…it’s alright. The bigger issue here is – viral marketing that involves local police. In the country that Lord of the Rings was filmed in, the New Zealand Herald has reported that an actor decided to pull a gun and scare people. Hell yeah, that’s the only way to promote a video game – fake violence baby. Do you guys think viral marketing took it too far this time?

If you really want to spend your time well, check out Simon’s glowing review for Sam Fisher’s new IP…I mean Splinter Cell game.

Steven Shepard wrote a great feature on the publisher’s growing anger at second hand sales. It’s definitely going to spark some discussion between us, and you guys as well. So, leave your comments below, on Steven’s articles, or join us live and give us up-to-date developments on you opinion.

One last thing; something that has just been brought to my attention. We found the Sasquatch incognito at The Mana Bar in Brisbane, Australia –  and no Mitch Hedberg, he isn’t actually blurry.

Hey, he cleans up pretty well and he likes reboots of bad video games. Go Sasquatch go!

Remember, we will be recording live this Sunday at 7:30 P.M. EST here. Make sure you join us, and if you can’t, leave your thoughts below! As always, subscribe to the Limitcast and leave your comments on iTunes to help us grow big and strong!

  1. My Sasquatch brings all the free games to the yard. So screw you all.

  2. Monster Trunter Tri has a hold of me. That is all.

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