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Hello Listeners!  Easter Sunday is over, and while you were out visiting your crazy family, some stuff happened in the video game world. I hope all of you had a safe Easter Sunday (or regular Sunday, if that’s your thing) filled with mountains of chocolate and gobstoppers. I know mine was!

Guzzle down that Pepto-Bismol my sugar overloaded listeners; the Limitcast is back in action today at 7:30 EST – and you can join Josh, Chase, Paul, and Shawn right here!

Oh, quick question: Is it bad if your pee changes to a chocolaty color?  Hit the jump to offer me some free medical advice, and check out what topics we have in store for you today.

The iPad decided to release this weekend, and the Internet has done nothing but talk about it. Sure, it mentions a few things about a war here, or a genocide there, but mostly – the iPad is the big news this week. I don’t know about you guys, but I want one something fierce.

However, I think this need is born from a desire to be that pretentious kid in the coffee shop. You know, that one with the new technology that scoffs every time he drinks his coffee. That guy. What do you guys think? Is the iPad a worthwhile investment for gaming, or otherwise? If you don’t care, then enjoy the picture that embodies my lofty douche-baggery goals.  This man has it down to an art form. *wipes away a tear*

I decided to take a quick peek into the Game Room Microsoft gave me. Once inside, I found out staying there was free, but breathing, moving and entertainment were all going to cost me Microsoft points. I’m not one to shy away from paying for pleasure (or having someone else pay for my pleasure), but I find myself drowning in how much money I have to spend to make the Game Room worth my time. I might be getting ahead of myself here too, but does anyone think a single game on there is even worth buying? Not this guy, not yet.

Also, in the spirit of the magical Easter Sunday, we have decided to talk about which of our favorite series, or game, we want to see resurrected. My vote? Well, Konami has been doing the whole rebirth thing, and since that fits pretty well with resurrection, and zombies, I’m going to vote for a reboot of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. What about you guys?

Make sure you leave your comments below, and set aside some time at 7:30 EST to join the show live.

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  1. 1. Chocolate pee is totally normal. Just don’t drink it and you’ll be fine.

    2. No interest in the iPad. I’m not an apple person, though.

    3. Game Room is just stupid. When I bought my desktop from dell it came with a couple arcade collections, so I would be buying games I already own just for achievements. I’d much rather be in Home than Game Room. And that’s just sad.

    • Forgot to answer the rebirth thing. I think I’d have to say Donkey Kong. The N64 game by Rare was pretty amazing and I’d love to see something like that or even a Donkey Kong Country style game for WiiWare. I’d drop money on either of those without a second thought.

  2. 1. I’ve never heard of a brown color before, but as long as it doesn’t have blood in it I think you’re OK.

    2. I don’t understand the role the iPad is supposed to fill. As I understand it, it’s a cross between a stripped-down laptop and a very large iPhone, and I don’t see how it will offer anything new from the current iPhone, any of the Nintendo DS versions, or just an inexpensive netbook. Maybe Jobs will prove me wrong, but I tend to doubt it.

    3. I haven’t been paying attention to Game Room, but given how arcade-style games aren’t a big draw for me I probably wouldn’t use it even if it was good.

    4. Wow, I don’t know. I haven’t played that many old or retro games, so … huh. It might be nice to see a remake of the original Age of Empires, since the idea was sound but it couldn’t do much with the hardware at the time.

  3. avatar Mark Davis Jr.

    Most people who say that the iPad is just a big iTouch or something seem to have short memories. Hey, you know that 50 inch HD TV you have sitting at home? Doesn’t it do the same thing as that crappy old 20 inch you used to have?

    • You mean the 19-inch I still have? :D

    • Good point, but as a portable device, I want something fairly compact and easy to cart around. The iPad looks great for basic netbook stuff, but I don’t have nor want a netbook. I have a desktop, laptop, and Palm Pre. On top of that I have the PSP, DS, and Zune.

      There are some stuff I’d be interested in it for (comics, apps, ereader even though I’d prefer eInk) but the demand for that stuff isn’t strong enough to warrant a device of its own right now. I think it still has a niche it needs to carve out before it can truly be something unique and great. But that’s not really up to Apple, they’re letting small app devs and whatnot decide that kinda thing I think.

  4. The iPad is such a complete waste of money. Anyone that says they bought it for anything other than sitting in the coffee shop as the “iPad douche” has wasted their money. A e-readers, netbooks and laptops do a far better job than Apple’s new cash cow. Also, the amount of emails I’ve had from PR companies this past week saying “*generic iPhone game* NOW COMING TO iPAD!” kinda worries me as to the merits of this supposedly “new” device.

    Game Room could be so fantastically awesome if it wasn’t so damn expensive to get a decent collection going. It actually makes Playstation Home worthwhile: walk about and look at your decorations, play simple games, walk about some more.

    Remake is a tough one but I’d love to see Kojima re-visit Snatcher. Could take the better ideas from Heavy Rain and make something altogether more fun out of it.

    • I’d love to see a new Snatcher. I’ve heard awesome things about it but never played. Hell… even if it was ported to the PSN or something I’d be happy. Its just a game I feel like I need to play.

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