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Hey everybody!  Just wanted to remind you that the Limitcast will be recording live today at 7:30 P.M. EST. Unfortunately, Josh has figured out how to make the show porn free. Trust me, I didn’t support this; but, we will find a way to fill today’s show with awesome discussion about the video games universe.

Do you need a little taste to whet your pallet? We will be touching on Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fact that Paul didn’t like the book I recommended, James Pinnell’s article on 3-D gaming, and whatever else we feel tickles our fancy. Speaking of tickled fancies, I have a video that will do just that – after the break. When you are done with that, make sure you leave comments on topics you want to hear about, or thoughts on today’s topics.

See you guys - live – at 7:30 P.M. EST!!!

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  1. Everyone seems to be talking about how 3D will fail and waste the money of developers and consumers. But what if the opposite happened? What if 3D turned out to be the best thing since the third mouse button? What would gaming look like then? I’d be interested in hearing the alternate scenario from Limitcast.

    • Yeah, I’m not excited for the 3D stuff, partially bc of the eye strain (I already wear reading glasses due to the muscles in my eyes having trouble focusing for long periods of time, so even short 3D movies give me headaches). But at the same time, how many people wanted movement or touch to be a part of their daily computer/gaming lives, and it’s been a wild success and has really innovated a lot of things.

      I think gamers and tech geeks are just very critical of new techs because it costs us a lot of money to get in early and a lot of change seems like just another way to get us to spend that hard earned cash and not because its warranted.

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    away during periods of uncertainty in dating and relationships.
    Be honest about yourself iss very important to find a long-term partner.

    Instead, let him use you as his sounding board forr anything and
    everythiing to do with his new romance. If someone truly wants
    to meet you and spend time getting to know you, they’ll happily wait and be very understanding if you want to take things slowly.
    Surely no person will add you if you continue using thios kind of nicknames.

    So here are a few dating headlines dripping with sarcasm, just for
    your profile. This iis the heart of your dating profile.
    One advantage of joining free dating services is thqt yoou don’t care about whern your subscription expiring.

    It has been the same, be it the photos she posed for Playbooy or the ones she hhas donbe for W magazine.
    Then again, it is a ‘dating’ profile and not the kind that encourages one-night stands.
    Eben Pagan was the initial dating guru to appear considerably
    on the scene and these days has the largest dating advice company amongst alll the gurus.
    This helps one to align thheir nneeds and wants and since most tend to be honest and more open online than in person,
    chances are, one would be develop a more meaningful relationship with tthe other
    person. Before you begin, make a rough draft. So, you
    should not pay for online dating if you can use
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    You aare the same single as tem so thefe is the change you two are matched.
    Annd that both Black and white women arre on the same level when it comes too getting
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    Don’t write too long or too short. Therte are ethics to Ukrainian dating that you
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    profiles inn detail.

    In the year 2011, $932 million were spent on marketing of online
    dating services. The answers to these important questions will help you
    determine if you have truly found the best free dating online for your needs.
    If you start to clinhg to a relationship where you are more attached than he is you stand a good chance of losing
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    Its one bubbly melting pot they got there.

    These are some of the best dating sites that you
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    Having the right attitude is essential for anyone who wants to experience true success in dating.
    The beautiful thing about online dating is that you actually begin to know the
    person from the inside out. Remember to touch on your likes,
    dislikes and personal situation briefly. It was commonplae for chaperones to accompany couples on dates.

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    Thhe best stringers are rough-cut cedar 2 x 4 x
    8′s. For safety and security, well, the picture with the spikes atop the
    fence is pretty self explanatory. Thus it provides you with enough privacy.

    Be careful not to staple the vines themselves. Many of these canine owner will set up a
    conventional dog fence annd try to train their new adoptdd member of the family to remain on the property, but it surely
    doesn’t on an everyday basis work. Furthermore, you will be
    engaged for at least 2-3 days for completing the installation process.
    A circular saw orr band saw fitted with a fine tooth blade is best for
    separating the profile sections using the table fence to determine their
    width. Well, wood will be needing farther holes from one another in order that the wood fence panels might have tthe right deepness as to how the panels is goig to be planted.
    Those limits are detdrmined by you, not by him. One might
    think that this weight would be a negative when portability is
    a necessity, but most users find it a non-issue.

    Thee motion oof the electrical fence is humane Individuals might be worried wheen they hear that the elsctric canine fences, the two kinds oof
    them, use electric shocks to maintain the dog inside of thhe perimeter assigned for its
    use. Yoou will probably fibd that many interesting shapes can bbe made
    up using yiur existing cutters. Privacy Fence Designs Once you have decided what you
    want, there is no dearth of designs to choose from. Hydraulic books enable operators to have additional tubes that can be lowered directly
    to the site of the sludge orr waste material.
    Urine Marking Although it is true that unaltered (not neutered) male dogs have a greater reputation for
    territorial marking – unaltered females can, and will, mark their territory just like males – especially if she feels threatened.

    Take a second and go to the Innotek ddog fence company, and see
    what the should offer. Although there are over 32 colours to choose from with your
    colorbond fencing, neighbors often do nnot agree and it can be costly to paint one side
    a different colour. In addition, there are drugs patients may bee allergic to
    which can range from almost any drug to certain types of antibiotics.
    Obsession is not a happy place to be.

    Maybe the only animal that is much more smat thann dog, iss
    the dolphin. It is important to know which type
    of materal is right to get a specific job done, so here we
    will take a brief look at a comparison between the two materials in terms of fencing for a variety of uses.
    The next option would be the indirecft method.
    Another way of achieving this barrier is
    to but something heavy like wooden or concrete sleeps
    on top of the mesh at thhe bottom oof your fence.
    The dogs involved mmay not even really want to injure each
    other, but just are frustrated that they are separated. Youur neighbor might also
    show interest in building a fence aroujnd his property line which can decrezse your overall cost.

    It will give your home an Oriental look and feel, and will
    keep the air cool and clean. Wireless fence helps you keep
    your yard wide open while still set boundaries for your dog to
    wander. Security fencing definitely serves its purpose oof providing
    security but also provides an aesthetic look to your property.

    I suppose that many believe I have become a rebar-metal aficionado on the internet–if there is such a thing.
    Wasn’t there a fence currently being constructed, somewhere?If you have to kewp your fence last longer, then you will have to
    give a coat of paint or even ssimple tain polish. These type of
    wood is availabpe in the form of pressure treated lumbers, plywood and
    logs and you caan purchasse them according to your
    requirements. In the past, a number of geneerations have used split rail fences to demarcate their property, protect their livestock and
    keep them from bolting. Building a privacy fence is one of the home improvement plans that can be taken ass a do-it-yourself project.
    Perhaps the most common thing both iron and wood fences are
    used for is home privacy. Wheen homeowners consider the type oof fence tgey
    want for their garden or property, chain-link fences are
    not usually on top of the list. The weight of soil, plants and the balcony railing planter combine with the
    design with “straddling” foremost in mind, make this a sturdy,
    efficient and hopeful gardening addition to any apartment.

    Since you’re wonderibg what a shadow box fence is, I should point
    out the most obvious first. Look for signns oof rust,
    loose or unstable footings, cracks,or other damage. Do you want to enclose the garden area so
    it’s private, or do you want certain pwrts oof the fence private while having a more open affect in some other places.

    Draww the fencing layout on the ground as well.
    Others will dig annd dig until their paas bleed.
    Now fill thhe holes with concrete (you can opt for a quick-drying
    variety). How Many Prescriptions Can an Automated
    Dispensing System Fill? As well aas hit and miss fencing
    stopping people from having thee opportunity to see into yopur garden iit
    still allows plenty of air to ttavel through. Decorative wire fence can provide both a practical and attractive addition to any home or property.

    If cchildren live in the surrounding areas, you can multiply your problems.
    If you do not want to purchase wiree purchase tthe staples
    and run the wire above ground. Make sure tat when you drop the post into the hole that there is
    sufficient post above ground for the complete height of each fencinmg panel too be attached to them.
    A pnedumatic unloading system uses a component that
    enables tthe equipment tto unlkoad the material directly into a silo, storagee containers or hoppers as well as into another
    truck tan or body. To apply the stain do not use a garden sprayer or a roller as the staikn will
    only rest on the surface of the wood. As you dig each
    hole make sure that each one measures the same width and depth.
    The beach strip is wide andd clean and the water is clean aand with a turquoise color.

    Inspect your iron fence regularly. It’s in addition one that is certainly the easiest to follow, andd one thqt can certainly immediately improve
    your pics.

    The Innotek in-ground rechargeable pet fencing system iis thir model of an invisible dog fence.
    If you wish to upgrade to a higher fence orr lapped palings then this will increase the
    cost of the steel posts as heavier gauge steel will be required.Steel posts will increase the life of your timber fence however many people don’t
    like thhe look of steel posts andd wish their entire fenbce
    to bbe made from timbger thereforee opting for timber posts.

    In most of the woden fencing techniques, concrete is either used to manufacture posts
    or to stabilize them in thhe ground. Thee actual time between stain applications can vary depending on the wood, the environmental conditions and the qality of the initial stain job.
    Check your records carefully! The replacement piece should also be
    painted or lacquered to match the rest of the fence,
    and to protect it. Railss are generally 8 or 11 feet
    long. Vinyl fences are most often white or tan. But one of the most entertaining new dwellings for us all have advanced frm thhose hive-like entities we call apartments.
    For example, iron is stronger than wood, and because of this is more
    resistant to iintrusion aand also easier to maintain.

    If your goal is bouts forr training, with mlre bouts imposing increased training overload on tthe athletes, throughput (the number of bouts fenced
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    the curvy welded wire fence loolk esppecially beautiful.

    Replacing broken fence boards and pickets It’s importrant to promptly replace broken wood fence boards, as well as
    those that have holes oor have sustained water damage.
    On oone hand, like a typical fence, it provides security and demarcates your property.
    This will make sure that the fence boards are equally
    spaced out. If your need of a fence is basic, you aare almost done with the fence.

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    The hollow portion of tthe post will get automatically stuffed ith concrete.

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