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Hey everybody!  Just wanted to remind you that the Limitcast will be recording live today at 7:30 P.M. EST. Unfortunately, Josh has figured out how to make the show porn free. Trust me, I didn’t support this; but, we will find a way to fill today’s show with awesome discussion about the video games universe.

Do you need a little taste to whet your pallet? We will be touching on Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fact that Paul didn’t like the book I recommended, James Pinnell’s article on 3-D gaming, and whatever else we feel tickles our fancy. Speaking of tickled fancies, I have a video that will do just that – after the break. When you are done with that, make sure you leave comments on topics you want to hear about, or thoughts on today’s topics.

See you guys - live – at 7:30 P.M. EST!!!

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  1. Everyone seems to be talking about how 3D will fail and waste the money of developers and consumers. But what if the opposite happened? What if 3D turned out to be the best thing since the third mouse button? What would gaming look like then? I’d be interested in hearing the alternate scenario from Limitcast.

    • Yeah, I’m not excited for the 3D stuff, partially bc of the eye strain (I already wear reading glasses due to the muscles in my eyes having trouble focusing for long periods of time, so even short 3D movies give me headaches). But at the same time, how many people wanted movement or touch to be a part of their daily computer/gaming lives, and it’s been a wild success and has really innovated a lot of things.

      I think gamers and tech geeks are just very critical of new techs because it costs us a lot of money to get in early and a lot of change seems like just another way to get us to spend that hard earned cash and not because its warranted.

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