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Good day, Gamers!  The Limitcast will be recording their live show at 7:30 PM EST this Sunday, May 2.

We have a great show planned for everyone; so, hit the jump and take a look at some of the topics up for discussion.

We all heard about Gizmodo’s stint with the brand new iPhone, but now it looks like Apple, or someone, is making them pay for getting an advance viewing of the new technology. We aren’t sure where this is going to go – but hopefully – we can watch it on the newest episode of Cops.

We reported on Capcom trademarking the term: Mega Man Universe, but what does that mean for the Blue Bomber?  We don’t know either, but what we do know is that if they can make a 2-D MMO Mega Man, that would please me – forget what everyone else thinks. Rolling with your bros, co-op style.

Last, but not least by any means, Josh wrote an article asking the question, “Is originality dead in gaming?” It was an interesting read that will spark a lot of discussion between the Limitcast members. If everything goes well, maybe even a fist fight. Stay tuned.

I was hoping to have a picture for you guys, but I couldn’t find anything to top Simon’s beard. However, I am at Josh’s house this weekend, and I promise to update this post with pictures from his birthday bonfire.

So, what do you guys think?  The industry is lighting up with a lot of interesting news; way too much to cover here. Leave your comments below and join the discussion!

Update: Despite Shawn, Chase, and Josh being in the same room this evening, we just realized we don’t have the necessary hardware to host the podcast. As such, we’ll be rescheduling for later in the week.

  1. Now, by “birthday bonfire” do you really mean “boyfriend buttfun”?

  2. Since you are there with Josh, tell that bum to post episode 40… slacker.

  3. I hope Mega Man Universe is one giant game with Mega Man 1-X8 on it, and Mega Man Battle & Chase/the NES Rock Man Board Game.

  4. I just want to point out that if we did have the right equipment, this would have been the most epic podcast EVER! Alas it wasn’t meant to be. :-(

  5. avatar Shameka Julca

    I really like getting the letters, but please usually do not go telling folks they are planning for getting about just one a week. I’ve been lucky to acquire a single a month. You need to do a little better than that….or prevent the pinocchio stories at the pretty least. If one a month is what it is, then that’s what it is.

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