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This week our live show was interrupted by a pair of lonely men looking to abate their crippling loneliness by exposing themselves to us via Tinychat. Though Chase initially insisted we keep them aboard to “see where this is going”, we eventually had to remove them in the interests of our listeners.

Worry not, however, as Chase, Paul, Shawn, Dylan and myself were able to work past these unexpected visitors and provide you with yet another excellent edition of the Limitcast.

On the docket this week – the Starcraft 2: Collectors Edition, Bullet Storm, and further struggles between the folks at Activision and Infinity Ward.

Also, hit the jump for details on our ongoing Geometry Wars 2 contest.

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Geometry Wars 2 Contest:

This week we’re running a contenst to see who can earn the highest score in Geometry Wars 2 on evolved mode. The winner earns an unspecified prize – but we promise it will be epic. Honest.

So post your high score (please make it one you’ve earned since our recording on Sunday, 4/11) along with your Gamertag for confirmation.

As always, hit us up on iTunes and be sure to join us for our next live show!

  1. Dylan, do you still use your laptop mic? All I hear from you is the loud click of your laptop mouse button and you typing.

  2. Just knocked out Chase’s scores in Evolved, Deadline, Pacifism, and Waves. Add me on XBL to compete. Gamertag: Wiley120

  3. avatar Carlos

    Posted on The ertnie Callista cycle’ gives me acid reflux. You know, they could bring her back the way they brought Lumiya back in Legacy of the Force as a disgruntled ex-lover of Luke’s out for revenge.

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