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Join special guests Sean Carey and Dylan Snyder as they accompany Chase Cook and myself on a hilarity fueled romp through the past seven days of gaming culture.

This week we discuss Sean’s experiences at PAX East, Apple’s new iPad device, and an Easter themed segment in which we propose which gaming franchises we’d like to see resurrected.

Hit the jump for the full episode, and be sure to leave a comment!

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  1. Josh, you gave Sean credit for the Arbok voice, when it was me! WHY!?

  2. I expect there to be hot fire spit all over this episode when I listen.

  3. The 5 greatest podcasters in the world:

    1. Dy-lan.
    2. Dy-lan.
    3. Dy-lan.
    4. Dy-lan.
    5. Dy-lan.

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