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Hot off the presses and fresh to tease your mind about the upcoming release of The Passing, Valve have just released the details of the new achievements associated with the game on the Left 4 Dead blog. While the mandatory golfing achievement makes an appearance to celebrate the new melee weapon, there are a few new details that should have you drooling.

While we do know The Passing takes place between Dead Center and Dark Carnival and our new lovable cast of characters gets to meet with the old cast, one of the achievements mentions a foot locker that must be opened. This sounds to me like it will be very much like the weapons caches in Borderlands, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Aside from the foot lockers, another juicy bit of information that is revealed on the blog is “mutations”, which we can only assume will be one of the new game modes. The post mentions checking out a new Wednesday blog post, so we’ll probably see more teasing and then hopefully a release by Friday so we can enjoy mingling with the old survivors all weekend. For a complete run down of the ten achievements that will be added with the new DLC, check out the new blog post here.

  1. I hope they release a campaign mode for Infected players. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that would be the bee’s knees.

  2. I’m dying in anticipation for this update to finally come out.

  3. I need to actually install and try L4D2 sometime… I got it around xmas on that huge Steam sale and totally forgot about it in the myriad of other games I shouldn’t have spent money on. lol

    Anyone down for some coop in the somewhat near future?

  4. avatar Justin

    Hey if you ever want to play hit me up. Fox on steam or foxehkins idr lol

  5. avatar Kameran

    For $20 bucks now on steam for l4d2 regularly then we might just be the luckiest sob’s ever and have it in a few hours, I’m actually downloading support right now, but can’t find out what is happening. Golf club does sound nice, Also live team switch to keep matches even, take each characters hit points, and even teams accordingly between matches, No mo RAGE QUITS. Team balancer, like from the old cs-s days.

  6. avatar Adnan

    Nice post. 65 hours is some playing like like! 7 more hours and that’s 3 full days. How long is it going to take you to fnisih it off for 1000G ?? Sam.

    • avatar Ingabire

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