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Today online gaming provider InstantAction launched a new service that allows full-featured games to be embedded on web pages.

So far, the only game to get this streaming treatment is LucasArts’ remastered classic The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. As you can tell from the example above, you are allowed 20 mintues to play around, after which you will be shown a link to where you can purchase the game.

InstantAction stated: “InstantAction makes embedding video games as easy as embedding a standard video or photo, and at equivalent speeds – in most cases, saving consumers hours of download time.” The company went on to explain, “embed code will also work on any webpage that allows HTML editing, and supports Javascript and iframes.”

InstantAction CEO Louis Castle added, “We give game creators a secure way to offer free trials, item purchases and pay-as-you play options, with a broad range of monetization formats and platform compatibility. Gamers not only get the try-before-you buy and rent-to-own benefits; they can easily embed full games into their social networks, accessing their friends’ lists and adding social features to games.”

It is important to note that any game you buy though InstantAction is tied to your account. This account stores not only your purchased games, but your saved games as well.

What do you guys think about this new technology? Will this revolutionize how PC games are marketed and sold? What sort of avenues does this allow developers/publisher to explore? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Dude. Awesome. If I hadn’t already beaten and reviewed Monkey Island, I’d totally mess around with it and probably buy it. This is a great idea, and one I can see many a class and office days going to wast to this nifty little idea.

  2. avatar Adrian Price

    Many thanks for the share. I’m still green in this topic… :)

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