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Now in his 11th incarnation, with Matt Smith leading the charge, Doctor Who has graced many forms of entertainment from board games to trading card games and even had his own terrible movie. 2010 sees the return of the gallivanting Gallifreyan, as four interactive episodes are coming to PCs (and macs) this June.

Any doubters will be pleased to know that Steven Moffat (the current series’ writer, and the writer behind some of the best loved episodes since the re-launch) is involved, as well as games industry veteran Charles Cecil – the man behind Broken Sword.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had our very own pixelized Time Lord, as these images can testify. With opinions of the new series (and new Doctor) mixed, can this game calm the rabid fans down, or will it simply fuel the fire?

  1. I bet Dylan is squeeling like a little girl at wind of this news.

  2. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Though, I’ve known about this for weeks and weeks!

  3. Freakin and awesome are the two words that come to mind. It’ll probably be a lame game but it’s freakin Doctor Who!

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