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You’ve seen the film, but now it’s time to reveal the behind the scenes outtakes you didn’t see.

This final bonus supplement to Collateral Collision gives you an insight into the arduous production process of my ambitious car chase machinima, featuring a series of vehicular mishaps for your viewing pleasure. Most of which involve me losing control and crashing a lot, but let’s gloss over that.

If anything, this video will hopefully highlight the painstaking amount of effort from the LFS community that went into this production.

Thanks to all those that have viewed Collateral Collision so far!

  1. Now we just need a ‘making of’ and the set will be complete, good job :D

  2. Nice music choice, Martin. :P Where’s the director’s commentary?

  3. Gods help us if you ever manage to pass your driver’s exam.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    This reminds me what it’s like to play with Hotwheels

  5. You’re the man, Martin. No… seriously… you are.

    Now just figure out a way to work in the Burnout crash-porn and you’d be famous as all hell.

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