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Today, after a decade of anticipation, Capcom finally announced that it is currently developing Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Slated to arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the spring of 2011, MvC3 will feature classic fighters from the previous games, as well as new characters from both Capcom and Marvel.

As you can tell from the trailer above, the only characters revealed so far are Ryu, Morrigan,  Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, and new comer Chris Redfield.

Under the careful eye of Ryota Niitsuma, producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, MvC3 will feature a more “accessible” fighting system. This means minimizing complexity (via controls) while maximizing depth. According to Niitsuma, signature moves will be simple enough that everyone will be able to execute them.

Niitsuma has stated that the game currently has 30 characters, but that number is subject to change. He also said that Capcom doesn’t plan on having as many characters as there were in MvC2, which featured 56.

MvC3 is not being developed on any current fighting game engine. Rather, Capcom has decided to use its MT Framework platform, the engine behind Resident Evil 5 and the upcoming Lost Planet 2. Niitsume stated: “the main problem we’ve had is slowing it down because if it comes off too fast the new players which we want to reach won’t be able to find it accessible.”

I know I’m excited for this game. To this day, my friends and I will get together every month or so and dust off the old Dreamcast just to drink beers and beat on each other in MvC2. Hopefully the same great fast paced action in MvC2 will show up in MvC3.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this title? Have you moved on after a decade of waiting? Also, What characters do you think will make an appearance?


  1. Only 30? Awwwww … there goes that dream for another couple years.

  2. My excitement level just blew through the roof. :-)

  3. 56 is too much. After you get too many characters, some just come out way too powerful and others turn out so relatively bad that they’re completely unusable. That’s why you never saw a MvC2 match that didn’t have Magneto/Storm/Sentinel/Cable on a team, and only about 6-8 other characters with any regular use.

    TBH I’ve rarely seen game balance stay in control after about 25 characters…15-20 is great for me. but, yeah, if you have to represent two camps, you’ll definitely need more than that.

    Well, here’s hoping MvC3 is a fun game.

  4. Anyone who’s played enough MvC 2 would tell you that 56 characters is NOT enough. I’m calling it, Dante will be in this. Now that my dream game is a reality, I’ll now dream of a Arc Systems vs Capcom

  5. Love it.

    Fix the awful, awful balance issues (MVSCapcom 2 was the most unbalanced game of all time, imo), and I’m in for the next 10 years.

  6. avatar Emil

    Hey Joe, please never again say in any of your viodes ever to come that something can be fixed via update/patch. Patching being an acceptable policy nowadays brings us shittier and shittier games. DLCs are bs too, especially on consoles since numerous games kick you out of servers for not having DLC-content thereby forcing you to buy if you want to play. An example of this is Homefront, great multiplayer but buggy as fuck all. If they had spent maybe a month or two more on the development no patches wouldve been neccesary but instead you get a game this flawed on several levels (HF lol example: the auto-save feature for multiplayer corrupts save games causing you to reset to rank 1 on PS3). DLC and patching got to go, they are one of the reasons many games are so shitty. Lacking of content, don’t work quite right. All games are nowadays is a bunch of pretty pictures, you know, so it looks good in a magazine where they can pay the mag to say whatever they want. Games of the past couple of years summed up: pretty pictures which doesn’t really work, crashes/freezes your XBox360 or PS3 and 4 hours long. That is DLC and patching for you.

  7. avatar Kamil

    I dont know, but the addon done to the gold edition may would be able to be done to the clsasic edition by a patch, or the gold edition was made from zero? there is no need of time travel machine, patching do exists, even when the patch is 200mb.Many companies are becoming famous because scamming customers, and Capcom is being known between them. I bought a game from Capcom and when I knew they were advertising DLC just before the game came out, I cancelled my reservation. (Lost Planet 2), and Im doing this for every decision I take, Im not buying games targetted for premium downloads.Capcom was a good one a long time ago, but if you guys continue this way paying more attention to paid downloads and how to get easy money people will not trust you anymore.

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