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Not one to shy away from controversy, Activision have launched a new advertising campaign for their beloved Modern Warfare 2 featuring a rather randy old gentleman who repeatedly talks about the happenings of the game’s multiplayer in a sexually implicit manner.

The video was watered down for broadcasting, but you can view the extended version exclusive to Youtube in the above video.

So there you have it, conclusive evidence that Activision are indeed run by a bunch of misguided, immature eight-year-olds. Yes, it’s terribly juvenile but it still made me chuckle given that I am also eight.

Source: Joystiq

  1. I can just see the board room meeting that came up with this ad.

    “we need to ditch some of this heat from all the Infinity Ward stuff.”
    “let’s put a kinda dirty ad online to distract everyone and make them want to play MW2 even more!”

    And so Bobby threw down a check and here we are today.

  2. I got embarrassed when this advert came on the TV. It was just such a dumb ad.

    • avatar Adam M.

      Why would you get embarrassed by it. It’s not you it’s Activision.

    • Well my mate turned to me and said: “you write about these things, yeah?”

      Publishers already have trouble making games a credible form of entertainment in non-gamers’ eyes. Stupid ads such as this just give them more work to do, and us gamers have more dismissive comments from those who don’t play to put up with.

  3. Made me laugh in a few instances. He reminds of what that “Shit My Dad Says” guy would be like.

  4. avatar Dr. Awesome

    I am stoned and that ad was awesome. You guys need to chill out.

  5. A game advertisement that requires knowledge of game specific jargon to be appealing. Disapprove.

  6. avatar Effrum Dafew sure

    MW2 = retro now

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