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We’re back in action for another week of What Are YOU Playing?, where we ask you, the readers, to tell us about the bevy of titles that have been holding your attention for the past seven days.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom received a huge wrap here at Gamer Limit, while Aliens vs. Predator proved once again that both series should be left to die a respectful death – if that’s even possible anymore.

My gaming time has been quite a busy one this week. After finishing off the first Professor Layton and NSMB on DS, I was able to dive into the murky world of Heavy Rain; a review will be up in the next few days.

Since then, it’s been all about the Bad Company 2 demo, and a second playthrough of Dragon Age; being an evil lesbian ranga is so much more fun than a heroic elf.

What about YOU?

  1. After finishing Bioshock I’ve been playing a lot of Half-life 1 online. Nothing like letting loose some snarks and watching people/bots run!

  2. Mass Effect 1 – I’m itching to finish my first play through and then going back and doing everything opposite.

  3. Aliens vs Predator. They just released the dedicated servers today (I see the application in Steam’s tools section).

  4. Well, I beat Heavy Rain in like 2 sittings, have gotten my MAG on when the PSN would let me, have a couple PSP Minis I’m messing with, and keep trying to make progress on Spirit Tracks but never get far. Oh, and some indie games here and there as well… good stuff.

  5. Mostly Borderlands DLC for upcoming review, a little more Winterbottom, some more Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone, and the waiting for the coast to clear on the phat PS3 issue so I can start Heavy Rain game.

  6. It WAS going to just be TF2, with maybe a little LoZ: PH thrown in to show I still use my DS. Now I’m more or less forced into playing Portal. Again.

  7. Well, I just ‘finished’ Heavy Rain a few days ago (and by finished, I mean “I watched Nick play the whole thing” lol). The use of quicktime events in a surprisingly not-frustrating manner helped me get immersed into the game really easily; I was actually on the edge of my seat for the action scenes, heh! But, the story – the part that everyone makes a huge deal about – is ripped off from an awful lot of things, and isn’t really ‘about’ anything. I also think the big plot twist was crap, too…

    Uh, other than that:

    Mega Man 10: Just beat it: Mega Buster only, no items from the shop (i.e no Shock Guards, Beat, or Eddie), no E, W, or M Tanks, and no special weapons at all. It’s a lot better than MM9 imo, and I’m happy to see an improvement.

    Greed Corps: Turn-based strategy game that tries to reinvent the genre. It’s…well, it’s okay. There are a lot of weird things about it that make it kind of lame, but I really like what they were trying to do. Stay tuned for the review by the end of this week!

  8. Spring Break is next week and I have a substantial backlog. Mega Man 10, Phoenix Wright (yes, I’ve never played them, I know, I know), Bad Company 2, and a second ME2 runthrough are my top priorities.

  9. Dante’s Inferno PSP, BC2, Super Robot Tansai OG Saga: Endless Frontier, and I’m waiting on Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. Probably going to wait on Mega Man 10 till it hits XBLA. Also have plugged in 30+ hours into MAG in the last two weeks.

  10. I’ve been playing Bioshock 2 and I’m really close to the end. I also just purchased Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and will probably start sinking my teeth into that tonight.

  11. Just MW2 and of course Team Fortress 2. Having more trouble than usual deciding on my next game

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