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This week in What Are YOU Playing? I’ll be surprised if anyone replies with a comment other than: “Bad Company 2, douchebag, now rack off and let me get back to knifing baddies.”

Mega Man 10 is already available on WiiWare (Yes, we know that nobody uses it), while PlayStation (March 11) and Xbox (March 31) owners will have to wait a little while longer to pick it up on their respective PSN or XBLA.

This week I’ve been smashing some Arcade titles on my 360. Shadow Complex and Splosion Man have been getting a workout, while I’ve just kicked off some more DS action with Drawn To Life – that game gives my sullied sense of humor far too much freedom. The residents of SlutsVille sure do enjoy their homoerotic Eternal Flame, though.

I have yet to purchase Bad Company 2, mainly because I have Phantom Hourglass waiting to be plundered, but…

What about YOU?

  1. On top of BC2, I’ve been playing MegaMan on my PSP (in preparation for MM10), some Borderlands dlc, Toy Soldiers on xbla, and have tried to get some Heavy Rain trophies but replaying that game is like pulling teeth.

  2. I’m conflicted. One one hand, I want to play Supreme Commander 2 and that freaking annoying 3v1 match, even if I get slaughtered with 40 units and an Experimental with pathing problems. Then there’s Half-Life 2, which I feel obligated to play but is getting achievements in a few months. Or I could just play more TF2. Ugh. I only have 10 games in my Steam library and I’m still paralyzed.

  3. Just finished Heavy Rain like 5 minutes ago. The people knocking the story in that game must not have played many other games. It’s nowhere near movie quality, but it’s better than the story in the vast majority of video games.

    Playing Soul for the iPhone, review coming soonish.

    The queue is cleared for FFXIII, but GameFly decided to send BFBC2 first, so I’ll start working through that so I can represent on game night!

    • For me, HR was problematic bc of the plot holes, the fact that the game has to lie to players to make the twists work, etc… as a game, it’s one of the best stories and narratives we’ve had in games, but that’s not really saying much when looking over the landscape of game narratives.

      As something beyond a movie, which is what the devs want it to be, it’s just bad though. What saved it was the fact its a game and the fact that its game elements work so well.

    • @ Mark:

      Explain Ethan’s blackouts! Four different endings, and that’s still the biggest plothole I could see… Had to get to my third ending before the killer’s motivation was explained too. Ahhhh!

      OT: Lunar on PSP and Burnout Paradise on PS3. Double yum.

    • avatar Jazz

      While plot holes still exist, most of them can be explained by player analysis. Ethan is blacking out because of the brain injury. The killer’s motivation is revenge on the entire world for what happened.

    • In the context of game narrative, Heavy Rain represents at least a small step forward, and I feel that fact is totally overlooked because it wasn’t what David Cage promised in terms of living up to movie narrative. It’s the Molyneux effect all over again.

    • @Jazz
      Player analysis is a great thing, and I wish more games utilized it. But a MAJOR plot hole, such as Ethan’s blackouts, shouldn’t be something left up to the player to decipher.

  4. MM10, and my fourth playthrough of Dragon Age in anticipation for the expansion.

  5. I’ve got 13 reasons not to talk to anyone for weeks.

  6. I’ve also got 13 reasons not to talk to anyone, and I’ll have it in about an hour. :)

  7. Also still rocking MAG and BC2, and I just got my hands on the Blur multiplayer beta, as well as a little Lunar here and there.

  8. Actually, I’m not playing BC2 hardly at all. My poison right now is Valkyria Chronicles. Since Nick now lives with me (and has a PS3), I figured I’d take the chance to buy it for 20 bucks new and give it a whirl. Great combat, terrible story…which is about what I expected. I’m having fun.

    Otherwise, I’ve put Mega Man 10 down recently, and I’m trying to prod my way through Greed Corp.

  9. I have been playing Bad Company 2, but starting today I’ll be putting all my time into Final Fantasy 13.

    • Be sure to discuss your feelings on Twitter or on a Message Board post or something! I’m picking it up today, but I won’t be starting it until this weekend. Thank heavens it just so happens to be Spring Break after this week – my grades were gonna take such a huge hit, lol.

  10. At first glance I didn’t spot the cake on that picture, looked like he was leaning in to kiss megaman’s arse haha.

  11. That header image just set Jeff’s people back a 100 years.

  12. avatar Kagebure

    Yeah… I’ll be playing Afro Samurai, Halo 3, or Borderlands.

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