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Welcome back to another riveting week of What Are YOU Playing? The shit has been flying every which way with divided opinion on Final Fantasy XIII; some love it, others despise it.

Thank god then that I’ve been too preoccupied with God of War 3. Come in and tell us what YOU’VE been playing!

I don’t know how I missed the boat on the first two, but the third instalment of this epic series almost blew my balls off within the first 20 minutes. Kicking Poseidon’s ass? Bring it on!

I’ve also been smashing a bit of Rugby League 3 – my biggest disappointment of 2010 so far – as well as a dash of Halo 3 ODST and a sprinkle of Rocket Racing.

What about YOU?

  1. I’ve mostly been playing Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP. I’ve also thrown in some Final Fantasy XIII and as always World of Warcraft.

  2. avatar Sinus

    I’ve just finished “Battlefield – Bad Company 2″, Excellent game :)
    now I’m playing “Dante’s Inferno”, a BRUTAL, FAST, HEAVY game !

  3. Well, unlike most of the world I haven’t been playing FFXIII ( Still don’t know of that’s a good or bad thing ). Instead I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 ( I know, welcome to 2 months ago ), finished it a couple nights ago and I’d like to say: ALL SURVIVED MOTHA EFFEA’S … at the expense of half my crew. Now I’m playing through it again as a Paragon female Vanguard ( the biotic Charge seriously kicks ass )

  4. avatar Finished Heavy Rain last night and what a twist the game had. Great edge of the seat action and probably the best storyline I have experienced whilst playing games. I'm also playing God of War III, and its bloody fantastic stuff. I'm a big fan of God Of W


  5. FF13 has eaten up most of my time.

    Also been sinking time into Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, even after review. It’s that good!

  6. Playing God of War 3, and despite not being a huge fan of the first two I find myself drawn in by the gorgeous visuals, epic set pieces, and satisfyingly insane boss battles.

    Also beat Trine, which I highly recommend — RPG platforming is the only way to describe it, like a medieval Metroid.

    Started up Critter Crunch, but then my wife saw how cute it was, so I haven’t gotten to play it much as she has been digging it big time. :)

  7. Been playing some Deadly Premonition, Pokemon HeartGold, and Burnout Paradise online (yay trophies). Having fun with all of them and haven’t even seriously considered buying FF13 or GOW3 yet.

  8. Where to even start. I’ve been rocking Yakuza 3, Pokemon SoulSilver, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Dragon Age: Awakening, Blur Beta, Final Fantasy 13, Bad Company 2 and a bit o’ MAG for good measure. God Of War III should be in the mail today, so I’ll be playing that as well.

  9. avatar Diverse

    A lot of HeartGold, and I mean a lot. I also got Fragile in earlier this week so I’m looking to start it after work today.

  10. battlefield bad company 2

    and dark void

  11. Playing Final Fantasy 13 and switching off between that and Dirt to Nascar for the ps2. Probably best nascar game ever made.

  12. Fragile for review, and SoulSilver.

  13. My brother recently bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat so I’ll probably sink into that.

  14. Rage of the Gladiator on WiiWare! You nerds and your AAA games… I have a $10 medieval version of Punch-Out!!

  15. I’m playing quite a lot of games, which is somewhat straining on my mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. Final Fantasy XIII of course, but I’ve dipped into God of War III, and played a bit of Infinite Space for the DS. I’ve also just found myself in the StarCraft II beta, and I bought Resonance of Fate last night despite being unable to see a window of opportunity to play it.

    Hey, there’s a lot of roman numerals in this comment.

  16. avatar drakon

    I’ve been playing the Starcraft 2 Beta for the last couple of weeks. I’m still waiting for a beta key to play it online, so in the meantime I have to practice vs AIs from the community. Some of the cheating ones are quite challenging. Anyway, I am soo getting this game when it gets out! :)

  17. Now that I’ve beaten God of War 3, I’m back to playing FF13. I’m 22 hours in and still have a LONG WAY to go.

  18. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

    My favorite in the series, currently working on a no alert playthrough. Challenging but fun as hell, can’t wait for Peace Walker this summer.

  19. avatar jack

    ffxiii, jucied 2, the last remnant ,codmw2,fable 2,res 5 only had a next gen console 2 weeks its great

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