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Plenty has happened in the gaming world since last we met, including God of War III giving boys another chance to quicktime their way to sexual manhood while screaming “BEWBS!” at their television screens.

Kratos has finally finished his happy funtimes decapitating diseased Olympians (don’t tell me you didn’t do the same), and I must say that GoW3 is right up there alongside Mass Effect 2 for best game of 2010 so far.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been hitting up some Rocket Racing, finally sank my teeth into Crackdown, and received more than a few “disgruntled” emails from Rugby League 3 supporters.

I’m about to head out to pick up Red Steel 2, so why not leave us some lovely comments discussing what you’ve been playing recently.

What about YOU?

  1. Trying to complete the Supreme Commander 2 campaign on Hard mode. It’s … hard. Really hard. You can’t just turtle, because if you even try you’ll get blasted by a unit you hadn’t prepared against. It really shows that against an established opponent, you can’t specialize. You have to fight for your life and skip all the extraneous stuff.

    In other words, enjoying the hell out of it.

  2. GOW III is far from game of the year for me. I didn’t think it was as good as II in any way, and Mass Effect 2 is near perfect for me.

    I’ve been playing Pokemon mostly :D

  3. I’ve been playing some Pokemon, the Conviction demo, and some Burnout Paradise. I need to finish Deadly Premonition but I’ve felt really crappy lately and have basically been sleeping nonstop… and DP requires fairly large chunks of time to dedicate to playing.

  4. I’ve yet to send my 360 away so I’ve been playing Mario Kart Wii online. I may try and beat Metroid Prime but I doubt I will. How I miss my 360… *sigh*

  5. I finished Final Fantasy 13 some days ago and have lost all meaning to my life.

    Oh, and I played Cave Story again.

    • i picked up Cave Story and still need to play it. You like it on the Wii?

    • It was a good game before, and it’s a good game now. Still, I don’t think any of the upgrades were particularly worth it. The new graphics are kind of nice. The new modes are kind of lame (especially the one where you play as a different character; it’s not even a different story or anything, you just change who the main character is), and the new music is no good for an action game at all.

      Still, it’s not gonna be a bad game. Cave Story is great. I just think this was a worthless upgrade.

  6. I played Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2!

  7. I’m currently about 35 hours into FFXIII and I’m also playing Napoleon: Total War and Command and Conquer 4. What with Supreme Commander 2 on my list as well I hereby dub this RTS Week.

  8. Final Fantasy 13 has consumed my life, as I’m about 38 hours in and I see no end in sight. Maybe I’ll finish it by late April.

  9. Bad Company 2 is filling in nicely now that one of my core Left 4 Dead 2 partners is on a 5 day road trip across America. When he gets back it’s going to be a real effort to pull away from BC2.

  10. Pokemon and Fragile Dreams still for me.

    Also, Mass Effect 2 is still my GOTY, and it’s going to take a literally perfect game coming out to change that for me.

  11. PAX East demos, and some roguelikes on the iPhone on the plane. I had forgotten how addictive and simple they can be. Also, more FFXIII; I should finish it sometime before September. Good thing I’m still really enjoying it!

    GOW3 was by far my favorite GOW (“oh snap!” moments abound), but ME2 is still the top dog so far this year for me. Just an more well-rounded game overall, and I hope that it doesn’t get screwed as the year progresses and people start focusing on the new stuff.

  12. avatar Jordan Garski

    For me, Mass Effect 2 doesn’t belong in the same league as God of War 3.

    GoW 3 = Prettier than Uncharted + Better story than 1 or 2 + Better (more DMC3 like) gameplay + BEWBS + More Anger Than Marcus Fenix Could Dream

  13. BlazBlue for PSP from Japan is AWESOME. Exact port of the ps3 ver.

  14. avatar Nick

    Only problem with GOWIII is one Gears of war III(GOWIII) when that comes out within the next 2 years hopefully, no multi player and no real chance of amaizing content that will keep this game alive. Other than that a fantastic game that sets the bar even HIGHER with great graphics…… Being a microsoft nerd Halo Reach is going to be the game of the year… SORRY

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