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Late last night Valve announced that it has updated Team Fortress 2 to now allow user made items.

Since that announcement, people have already been finding all kinds of new items including: new outfits for every class, new melee weapons for the Demoman, soldier and Pyro, and a new snack for the Heavy.

For those of you who don’t eat/sleep/breath TF2, this news may seem a bit confusing. A few updates ago Valve began to allow gamers to store extra items they find in a backpack. Because there is really no point in having doubles of items in your backpack, Valve implemented a system where you could convert your extra items into scrap metal and subsequently turn that scrap metal into unlockables. With this new update you can finally put your scrap metal to use and craft some cool new content.

According to Valve’s post of the TF2 Blog: “This is really exciting for us here at Valve. Starting from our core belief that entertainment products should be services, we’ve tried to increase the set of ways our community can impact our games, and the ways in which we can reward you for it. From the implementation of features requested by players and mapmakers, to unique community items given to valuable community contributors, to the purchasing and shipping of popular maps, to the ARG-style product announcement of Portal 2, we’ve tried to include our players in the ongoing challenge of improving our games and their communities.

This update represents the next step in that process. The line between developers and players is getting very blurry, and we think that’s a great thing.”

As I’m sure you can already tell, I think this news is fantastic. I haven’t touched TF2 in a few weeks since I have found all the unlockable weapons and have other games to play. However now that there is new stuff to get my hand on I expect to be making a return this weekend. I absolutely love how Valve continues to add value and life to their games. But maybe I’m just being a Valve fanboy. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


  1. None of the new hats particularly thrill me, but I think it’s great that they’re implementing so much user-created content. The TF2 community can really be akin to family, for both the good and the bad. :P

  2. “With this new update you can finally put your scrap metal to use and craft some cool new gear” This feature was made available last year.

    • I see how my wording could be confusing. I was trying to emphases that there is new content to craft. I’ve gone back and edited my post to hopefully correct my wording.

  3. avatar person

    ok osmeone load up a full tutorial for us nontf2esque people who want to make items to! don’t leave a bro behind!

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