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Welcome to the Weekly Recap! As you’ve no doubt seen from the past few recaps, Monday morning is when you should expect this to go live, that way it’s waiting for you Monday when you get up for work/school and are trying to pretend the weekend didn’t end.

Now, I’m sure there was a ton going on this past week, but it seemed like a huge blur to me since I’ve been obsessing over Pokemon HeartGold since I got it on Tuesday. It’s gotten so bad that I’m even using the PokeWalker at work and started walking from my apartment to where the mailboxes are just to get Watts and level up a stupid Metapod. I don’t know who had the idea to package a Poke-pedometer in with this game, but it was mean and cruel.

Furthermore, I’m sure it has led to some disgusting ways of short-circuiting the system. How dare you fill our minds with filth, Nintendo. Especially hot, pokemon filth.

If you’re living outside of Australia, the news of Michael Atkinson stepping down really just means that we can hopefully stop hearing the Aussies bitch about not having an R+ rating. Simon wrote a great example of the kind of post you should expect to see from all your gaming friends that live down under.

In light of a RROD issue, Failboat decided to pick up Alien Versus Predator Classic 2000 on the Steam sale this weekend. Did you do the same? If so, maybe you should swap contact infos and kill each other online. Isn’t that how you make friends now-a-days?

Jamie’s article from last week (Reviews Are Opinion Pieces) spawned a lot of conversation on this site and others. In light of that fact, he’s written up a short addendum. Some may even call it… super short.

Enjoying the fun times of BC2? Aside from the game-breaking glitch in my single player game, I know I am! But CynicalMonkey decided to be, a, well… a cynical  monkey, and list what he considers to be the missing parts of Bad Company 2.

If your wallet is already mad at you for buying too many games that you don’t have any time to play, don’t read Michael’s review of Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance. Your wallet will stab you in the face for wanting it.

Jake was pining over whether FF Mobile is worth it or not. I’d say “not” but that’s cause I never finish JRPGs.

Apparently God of War 3 is really good… but anyone who didn’t see that coming has either been playing Animal Crossing or Viva Pinata for way too long.

If you haven’t played every remake of Lunar, then it sounds like Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is the  ultimate version… unless you really need your JRPGs to have weird masturbation jokes and dated pop-culture references in them.

Not only is Grahame’s review of Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake awesome on it’s own merits, but it’s also the first review of the game to hit the internet (and still holds that honor, as of writing this). I hope Grahame comments “FIRST” on all the other reviews it gets, no matter where he is in the comments.

From what I can gather, MLB 10: The Show is a lot like the one from last year, except that you can be a catcher now. Oh, and Chris says a lot of other stuff in the review… you should probably just read that since I haven’t played a sports game since the N64.

I’ve always been told “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” I guess Square-Enix hasn’t heard that advice… or maybe it’s strictly American advice. Whatever the case, Final Fantasy XIII is out and apparently changed a bunch of stuff. James reviewed it and loved the changes. Others completely disagree with him. Click the link to find out why and join the discussion.

Sega tried to make Bleach: The 3rd Phantom a DS game to compete with the likes of Disgaea and Fire Emblem. Paul obviously thinks they failed to meet the awesomeness of those other games. But, since the story isn’t just lifted from the show/manga, it might be a must-have for Bleach nerds.

From the sounds of it, no one should ever buy The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes for their iPhone. You should, however, read Sean’s review of it. He had me cracking up all the way through it. And that was free!

Since you aren’t a videogame genius, I bet you had no clue there was a forgotten gem that Heavy Rain ripped off. Thankfully, Grahame was here to supplement your lack of knowledge with his own.

Everyone has been going crazy about the Playstation Move since GDC. But Kevin took the time to ask what seems to be a tragically overlooked question: Does precision really matter? No matter how you’d answer his question, I’m sure there is a more pissed off fanboy person who has already responded in the comments.

We’ve all been at a midnight game release, haven’t we? The crowded store, the smell of unwashed nerds, the pissed off employees, and the awkward conversations going on around you… Chase boiled that experience down into a fantastic feature called A Midnight Memoir: FFXIII. Every time you don’t read it, we pluck a hair off the Easter Bunny.

Simon’s newest feature in his ongoing series (Overdoing It) was about Trophy Whores. It stirred up a lot of discussion and got some awesome fanboy comments as well. If you’ve already checked out the article, I’d urge you to go back for the comments. It’s a good time.

I’m sure that the Limitcast Episode 35 – The Great FFXIII Debate was another great episode from my podcastin’ homeboys, but since it was about Final Fantasy and I couldn’t care less about the newest game (nor have I played the series since it left for the Playstation), I didn’t listen or go to the live recording.

Sorry for failing you as the recap master. I’d promise to do better next time, but that would be a lie.

Before I leave you today, I just want to suggest that, when looking for Pokemon images on your preferred image search client, turn off your safety settings. You won’t be disappointed… unless you have standards or values; and then you will. But who needs those anyway, you goodytwoshoes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to play more Pokemon.

Maybe the next game will come with a camera…

  1. He meant turn ON your safety settings when searching for Poke-pics. You don’t want to see what an ekans is really capable of…

  2. Did you know that Ekans is SNAKE spelt backwards? And Arbok… Josh and I just noticed this the other day for the first time since Pokemon has been around.

  3. avatar Admir J.

    Well, I hope that R+ rated games are a acceptance no matter what the content is.

  4. What the hell is an Ekans. It’s one of them Pokemon thingies isn’t it. You damn kids and your toys.

    Great recaps by the way. :-)

  5. That header is sickeningly disturbing :(

  6. Awesome stuff, thanks for the recap Mark!

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