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Day number twenty-nine. Month three. Time, unknown.

The writers of this site continue to make me read their work and comment on it weekly… prodding me to make fun of their colleagues for some sick, selfish reason I’m still not privy to. I’m not sure if it is a form of punishment or a sort of training for some greater purpose. I’m sure their motives will become clear in time. I just hope that I make it through these trials.

Footsteps in the hallway. A shadow making its way down the walls. I mustn’t dillydally… the recap must begin.

Morality systems in games are around to stay, it seems. Maybe we should bring them to the site as well… read this article about this topic for +10 light side karma! Flame it for +10 dark side karma.

There are a lot of games. There is also a lot of bad writing in games. And there are even more bad games than there are good… so it’s no surprise that Michael was able to piece together a great list of seven overused video game lines.

I think Jamie is the only person I know that has finished Final Fantasy 13. You should read his final thoughts on it, and then laugh at him for playing it on the 360.

If you’re British, you might find the #culturallybritishtaxbreakgames stuff to be funny or amusing. And if you don’t get it at all, you’re probably an American. But its okay, don’t feel bad… just go back to shoving that Baconator down your throat.

There seem to be two people in this world: those who want Sega to revive old IPs and those who don’t. I’m in the latter. I mean… have you seen that shade of blue that Sonic is for SA4!? Blasphemy.

Robert takes some time to gush about the Persona games due to the recent news about Persona 5. Hopefully I can get through the rest of the series before any more games come out for it. My backlog can’t take many more RPGs.

March has brought a lot of new distractions to the table, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has managed to endure. Michael shares his thoughts on why/how it has done that in his review.

There’s a lot of debate around whether the MMO will ever have a place on the console or whether it’s even necessary (who doesn’t own a computer?), but CynicalMonkey did a great job of picking some good/recent examples of games pushing the possibility of a console based MMO forward.

Grahame wrote up a piece about games that promote child safety this week. It reminded me of playing Math Munchers and other educational titles from my childhood that I’ve done my best to repress. But, at least there are people out there trying to give gaming a good name.

Someone actually put Guitar Hero on a Commodore 64. I’m sure that Activision will pick it up in no time and start hitting all obsolete systems with weird GH games now. If there’s even a dime to be made from it, they won’t hesitate.

Robert may not have been around GL much since last summer, but he’s back and blogging. Drop by to catch up with him and see what he’s up to these days.

I haven’t even played ME2 yet, but there’s already DLC being released for it. We can now look forward to everyone talking about Mass Effect again. Yippee…

I’m always looking for cheap stuff for my PSP and DSi… and although HalfBrick’s previous work has been pretty fun, Rocket Racing looks very average. Anyone else tired of the lackluster Minis and DSi Ware games?

When Chris was trying to explain Yakuza 3 to me, I imagined it being a lot like Saints Row 2 except in Japan… and with a serious storyline. If that’s even sorta accurate, I’m buying it as soon as I can convince my wallet to give me my credit cards back.

Even people who know stuff about the sport haven’t liked Rugby League 3. I bet that means people that know nothing about the sport would hate it even more. Anyone willing to test that theory for me?

Based on the replies to Alex’s Supreme Commander 2 review, people seem split between those who prefer the first game or those who like this sequel. I say that since this is new, it is obviously better. I mean, come on. It’s NEW people. Get with the programme.

Last week’s big XBLA release was Perfect Dark, the HD remake of the classic N64 shooter. Being a Goldeneye fan, I don’t care about this release… especially since N64 shooters are god-awful compared to anything newer. Retro shooters just don’t seem age well.

I have no clue how Chris can burn through RPGs so quickly, but he knocked out Dragon Age: Awakening and got up a fine review of it this past week. I’m guessing he just doesn’t sleep. Or lives on copious amounts of caffeine.

In need of a classic survival-horror experience? Well, you’re not alone. But according to Curtis, you should probably stay far, far away from I’m Not Alone. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing for you.

Continuing his trend of bad decisions, Jamie decided to pick up and review Greed Corp so you don’t have to. Unless you already did… then you can read his review an commiserate with him while the rest of us laugh and make your anguish deepen.

In the first Tales From The Bargain Bin since last fall, Jamie looks at Front Mission 4. Since I’m pretty sure I have never heard of this series I’d suggest going and reading what Jamie actually wrote. If I try to sum it up it will probably involve Pokemon and Deadly Premonition references that no one will get.

Thanks for reading this recap. Hopefully they’ll release me soon and I can get back to a normal life.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the above is how I write all the recaps.

  1. Swordfish has a rather good car chase scene. Just saying.

    Another spiffing recap Mark!

  2. I was just listening to the Swordfish soundtrack :D

  3. Dude, fix that friggin’ embedded YouTube video. That thing is BLOWING MY MIND with the way it’s stretching beyond the confines of its content area.

    I was really interested in taking a look at “I’m Not Alone,” but after reading Gamer Limit’s review I think I’ll keep my distance for the time being. Hopefully “Alan Wake” is as good as its years upon years of development time allows it to be, and gives me the horror experience I’ve been waiting for since I first heard that a fifth installment in the Silent Hill franchise was under development.

  4. LOL! Again with the 360 hate. Good recap, it’s nice to see the community blogs so active!

  5. I say that since this is new, it is obviously better. I mean, come on. It’s NEW people. Get with the programme.

    Am I an idiot for (mostly) agreeing with this statement?

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