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Hello and welcome to your Weekly Recap! Before you get settled in, I wanted to thank everyone who posted a haiku comment on last weeks post; I’m sure it caused Dylan immeasurable pain and suffering. If that isn’t thanks enough, then you’re too hard to please.

You may be wondering why this is going up early on Monday instead of mid-late on Sunday… well, I can assure you that it has absolutely nothing to do with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’ve only played that game like 24 hours in the six days since it’s release. And I definitely wasn’t up all Saturday night playing it online.

Luckily, the rest of Gamer Limit’s addiction to this game hasn’t slowed them down. So, read on for this week’s articles in Recap-O-Vision!

I’m not sure how this explains why the Wii fails… if anything, I think it’s another reason why it completely wins. I mean, what other system has brought that sort of hilarity to your TV sets during national broadcasts!?

Jamie’s blog about reviews being opinion pieces was so hot and steamy it got posted on the main site as one of our first Blog Editorials. Congrats and good luck to all you future bloggers wanting some main page action. We’re hoping to make this a regular happening, so stretch out them brain muscles and hit us with everything you’ve got.

Of all the theories behind the Activision of evil and it’s termination of Infinity Ward’s top brass, Chase’s has to be my overall favorite. I’ve done some research, and I think it’s pretty accurate too. Then again, Wikipedia coulda been lying…

Dylan’s obsession with Doctor Who has leaked into his blog with his fond farewell to David Tennant.

The news of a mysterious achievement appearing in Portal was hot news this past week. And with the recent news of the ending getting a make-over and a sequel being announced, it’s no wonder!

With God of War 3 just around the corner, Michael’s look at why Dante’s Inferno missed its potential is a very timely piece. Especially if you’re thinking of picking up Dante’s Inferno to hold you over until GOW3 is released.

Chase has been on a blogging roll lately with some rumblings within and Visceral Fireflies. They may be short, but they sure are sweet.

Oh snap… Dylan got all serious on us! Apparently, the PS3 crash sent him over the edge in light of other world events and tragedies. Maybe we should… get some perspective?

I’ve said it a million times, but we still have forums. Real, sexy, awesome forums. And you should wander over and use them.

We talk and argue and call each other names. Discuss gaming deals, which games have glitches and where, and what downloadable games are must-have releases. It’s a good old time that you should get in on. Also, you get to talk with the staff here at GL. We’re all super cool and so you should feel honored getting to commune with us. And if you believed that last sentence for one second, I think we should be friends because I could use an ego boost.

I have no idea how Guitar Hero: Van Halen was given the green light. Sure, the band might have some big hits and be fairly popular, but can it really garner the kind of attention and sales with their core audience as Metallica, Green Day, or The Beatles? I think (or perhaps just hope) not.

There hasn’t been a game as polarizing as Heavy Rain in quite a while. And, although our dual review is pretty positive compared to some, it does a good job of fleshing out the issues it has as a game and as a story.

Borderlands addicts jonesin for some fresh, new DLC got their fix recently with The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Sean’s review is very in-depth and seems to cover just about everything I’ve experienced with it so far. And, as with the earlier DLC, it’s a good time. Especially if you have a fun group to play with.

Anyone looking for an indie, topdown shooter done in retro-stylings needs to look no further. Ashley reviewed BOH this week and it looks pretty intense. I’m not sure how to pronounce the name though… I’ve been saying it “Bow!” like a weird gunshot. That works, right?

Looks like straying from the classic concepts behind the Phoenix Wright games has left Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth out in the cold as a very average game. It sounds like they had some decent ideas that just weren’t executed well… maybe next time?

Chase spent some time with Darkfate, an indie title submitted to the GameBuilder 20 event competition and done in a very retro, minimalistic style. Does the emphasis on story and gameplay work? Or did the creators cut too much in their search for minimalism? Chase is waiting to tell you, just beyond that link.

Taking a popular MMO and sticking it on the hottest handheld seems like a pretty obvious decision right? Expand the user-base, pull more into the MMO, give the addicts something to play while AFK… well, Ragnarok DS forgot about making the handheld version any good. Whoops!

If you’re a Sega or Kart racing fan, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is something you probably need to get your hands on. Especially if you’re both of the above. Oh, and I guess the Banjo Kazooie pair are in it too.

Bucking the trends of modern gamers, Tony has chosen to stay wired in our wireless world. Considering how adamantly I hate the wires behind my desk and television, I completely disagree with his article. But, he has some good points about how gaming and technology in general has gone from a physical, tangible experience to one that is cold, distant, and “in the cloud.”

In the light of some recent reviews and the comment blow-back they caused, Jamie’s blog-tuned-editorial about reviews being opinion pieces is simply brilliant. The analogy he uses throughout it fits like a glove (and is hilarious) and the overall response the piece has gotten is quite beautiful. Maybe smart people do use the internet, after all.

If the saying is “a week late and a dollar short,” then the LimitCast owes us some money… I’m just curious whether there is interest involved in that. If so, I’ll need help figuring it up, cause math was definitely not my strong point in school. However much that comes to, Limitcast Episode 33 – Speaking of Being a Bad Person… was finally posted this week.

And if you’re wondering where the other, more recent podcasts have wandered off to… the live podcast they recorded last week will be up this Tuesday. And if you were at this most recent live podcast, expect it to go up this Friday. In the meantime, send all your angry letters to Josh, which I’m sure he’ll brush off and forward on to Chase.

Thanks for sticking with me for yet another awesome week of recaping goodness. Hopefully you found a little something you liked here and there. Now, if you need me anytime before next Sunday, I’d look for a medic that’s kicking ass in BC2. Still not convinced you should be playing this game? Maybe some Queens of the Stone Age will convince you…

I just realized the medic is the dude with the beret… I think I have to hate myself a little bit, now.

  1. OOO Battlefield! How you can go back to MAG after playing this is beyond me but how and ever.

    Delicious read as always.

  2. Thanks for the recaps Mark. Always appreciated buddy! :-)

  3. Whoever found the Wii jacking off video is brilliant. The guy who found it and brought it to Gamer Limit is one hot piece of Arse! I bet all the ladies want to jump his bone.

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