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To be honest, I really haven’t the slightest idea what you are meant to do in 4FOURTHS. From the trailer, it looks like a chaotic mess of weirdness. Yet it somehow takes the ‘best trailer I’ve seen in a long time‘ award.

See for yourself after the jump.

The official description is…

4FOURTHS is a 4 player co-op game set in a distant future

So ‘yay‘ for co-op, but for the rest of the game it still looks pretty puzzling in what exactly you do. You can visit the official site here.

  1. The only thing I can imagine it being is a 3D bullet hell shooter, and even that’s a long shot. I hope the thing is actually playable without sensory overload …

  2. I’m not sure the purpose, but I think the video was freakin’ awesome.

  3. Awesome song, dubstep with house done right

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