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According to Sankaku complex, a gamer who was wallhacking in Counter-Strike got a harsh lesson when he was stabbed through the head with a knife – for his crimes against gamer kind.

The assault happened in the Nothern Provence of Jilin, China, when a mob of quite serious gamers noticed the boy wallhacking at a local internet cafe. What followed was an argument, and a knife to the brain.

The man somehow survived, but I suspect the rate of wallhacking at that Internet cafe has now plummeted as a result… a fair deterrent?

More info, and gore available at SankakuComplex (which may or may not be as factually accurate as a flying tuna).

  1. Now that’s gaming news you can set your watch to.

  2. Cheaters deserve to be headstabbed. Microsoft should just make this their new policy for people caught cheating on LIVE.

  3. This seems like overkill, even for cheaters.

    I could get behind beating someone over the head with their keyboard, but that’s really it.

  4. How come this crap is always happening in Korea and China, yet the anti-game lobbyists are all in the United States? Doesn’t make sense.

    • It gets publicized more there. You know how the Chinese government is when it comes to instability, and the Koreans are so integrated with the internet this sort of behavior has more or less replaced knife fights over card games. XD

  5. I think a black eye would have been sufficient. It hurts till the next day, but you’ll have a constant reminder of what not to do anymore for about a week.

  6. avatar Yad

    Oh man this is what i call news.

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