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As the IGF looms closer, more and more details are being revealed about the finalists. Today, The EA Partners initiative announced that they’ll be publishing two indie games, both from successful developers. The first is Klei Entertainment’s Shank, and the second is Hothead Games’ Deathspank. Shank is a current IGF finalist in the Visual Art Excellence category.

Both games will be making their way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade and the Playstation Network, with Shank also making its debut on the PC. It’s not surprising that EA wanted to pick up these great games, as Klei Entertainment’s flagship title, Eets! was highly successful on both the PC and the Xbox LIVE arcade.

EA seems rather happy with the deal as well, with Jamil Moledina stating in an interview with 1UP, “Battlefield 1943 was highly instructive to us as a company. EAP is definitely in sync with that concept.” Of course, Battlefield 1943 was a critically acclaimed success, so it makes sense for EA to want to snap up as many downloadable titles as possible. EA also stated that with the addition of these two new titles, they will be seeking to expand their digital distribution horizons, so expect to see more announcements from them in the future when it comes to publishing great indie games.

I’m really torn with this one, as Shank seems like it’ll be a completely awesome game, but EA has a history of fouling up anything they dip their hands into, even if they’re just publishing. Eets! did great without any major publisher, so I have to wonder why Klei Entertainment chose to utilize a larger publisher this time around.


  1. This is cool news — I will definitely pick this up for consoles.

  2. I will own both of these games. Possibly on Day One. They just look so good.

  3. Gorgeous graphics, both of them. These are the sorts of graphics I love to see. :)

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