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Just a few months after Media Molecule claimed a sequel would be “counter productive” to the Little Big Planet community, a Sony exec has leaked news of a sequel. It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise since developers, and the like, will lie at the drop of a hat to keep something “secret,” but I’d assumed MM was above that, for some reason.

Then again, maybe their plans just changed. After all, a lot has happened since last November: Media Molecule was purchased by Sony, Playstation Move has been officially announced and detailed, and there hasn’t been a whole ton of support for the PS3 version of Little Big Planet since the PSP version was released. Perhaps it was just a perfect storm situation for either a sequel or a reselling of LBP as a Move launch title.

My paranoia says that we probably should have seen this coming ever since the franchise wasn’t the immediate hit that Sony, or most gamers, thought it would be. Plus, the fact that Media Molecule dropped support for LBP after a good year of weekly updates could mean that the PSP title, and its subsequent support, was more of a distraction tactic than anything else.

…And maybe the Playstation Move is really just the first phase in a global, Sony-led conspiracy aimed at debilitating our consciences, and eliminating what shred of social values we have left, so they can get their funny looking sextoy “controllers” showcased in living rooms everywhere.

Pretty soon we’ll have Crash Bandicoot warming gels, Sackboy vibrators, and Ratchet & Clank anal-beads in our children’s stockings at Christmas and we won’t even remember how it happened (if we’re even able to notice it by then).

For shame, Sony. For shame.

Source: Tweakers, via Destructoid

  1. How did I know, just based on the banner alone, that this was written by Mark? :P

  2. I love LBP. This could sway me into buying a Move controller.

  3. avatar Adam M.

    No Grahame, you’ll look like a Hello Kitty Ninja.

  4. Yeah, Little Big Planet 2 kind of feels like Kingdom Hearts 3. All signs point to both happening. Especially since KH has several not-too-subtle reminders that something is on the horizon.

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