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Heavy Rain is a game that has divided opinions here at Gamer Limit. Some of us think it’s a glorified cutscene with obligatory button presses, others think it’s a welcome change of pace and a great narrative-driven game.

Heavy Rain’s influences are vast; movies like Se7en and Saw are easily spotted. Yet there is one gem of a game that hasn’t been praised for being a visionary of its time, and an obvious influence on Quantic Dream’s big PS3 exclusive. I give you: Road Avenger!

Road Avenger (also known as Road Blaster) was an arcade Laserdisc game that brought together cutting edge narrative and fantastic visuals; it really was the Heavy Rain of its day. Ported as a launch title for Sega’s Mega CD system, the game showed what the system was capable of, bringing the excitement of movies to life. Don’t believe me that it rocked? Check out this intro clip, then tell me I’m wrong.

Taking the role of a vigilante seeking vengeance on the biker gang that killed your wife, Road Avenger immediately tugs at the heart strings with its harrowing introductory sequence.  From then on, it is a desperate race to the end of each level, getting ever closer to the boss of the gang and gaining revenge for your fallen loved one.

What really set the game apart from other Laserdisc titles was the sheer choice of movement as your car tore around streets, beaches, shopping malls, and country roads. Not only would the game give you the old steer left and steer right, but brake and turbo were also included to give more variation than previous Laserdisc king Dragon’s Lair could ever dream of.

The fantastically deep chase scenes in Road Avenger are clearly ripped off by Heavy Rain; why the current rights holders, G-Mode of Japan, haven’t sued yet is beyond me. Perhaps a Facebook group would be the way to get the ball rolling and have Quantic Dream held accountable for their copyright infringement. Just look at Heavy Rain‘s car chase below, then sample a few levels of Road Avenger. See what I mean?

It seems I’m not alone in appreciation of the awesomeness that is Road Avenger. In January this year it was announced that a novel based on the events of the game is set to be released sometime within the next couple of years. The book is being written by Margaret Park and will be published by MMP Publishing.

With a Heavy Rain novel a distinct possibility, it’s great to see Road Avenger getting in there first for the recognition it deserves.  In a recent press release,  Margaret said: “The original concept is ‘Mad Max‘ like, so we’ve decided to make ‘Road Avenger‘ a psychological action drama, which will end up like a cross between ‘Mad Max‘, ‘Ronin‘, and Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Traffic‘. Though we are expanding on a simple plotline, we are straying far from the typical Hollywood attitudes that engulf many fine stories.”

I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean “simple” plot – it was probably a typo. Margaret should know her stuff though, since on the same press release she is described as “an Author and Poet of Psychological and Experimental Fiction Crossover Writings, best described as Stephen King partying with David Lynch in The Twilight Zone”.  I hear King likes to get down, that must’ve been one bad ass party.

Hopefully this has opened your eyes to what now needs to happen; it’s so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier. Road Avenger must be remade by Hideo Kojima for the Playstation 3, as only the cut-scene king himself could do justice to such a visionary title. Also, only the powerful Blu Ray format (just like the Mega CD before it) could house what is sure to be the future of video games.

  1. avatar lol...

    1. Quantic Dream made Heavy Rain
    2. “the game showed what the system was capable of”

    HAH…the only thing in-game about Road Avenger was the dashboard and the arrows on-screen, everything else is video ran from the CD

    • avatar some dude

      So, what’s the distinction between it being a pre-rendered movie and everything being drawn at run-time in software?

  2. Fanboy! :P J/k j/k… but what’s a “Mega CD?” :D Silly foreigners and their weird names for consoles.

    “The powerful Blu Ray format… what is sure to be the future of video games.” It’ll never hold a candle to HD DVD’s! Or those high capacity N64 cartridges… Conker’s Bad Fur Day = the REAL future of video games.

  3. avatar Brylon

    “why the current rights holders, G-Mode of Japan, haven’t sued yet is beyond me.” Wow…. man you can’t be serious. By the way can you tell me exactly what is the guy is Heavy Rain chasing? You called it a chase scene, he isn’t chasing anyone… he is doing what he is instructed to. You should be ashamed of this article…

    • He gets chased by the cops. Have your L33T skillz gotten you that far yet?

      Of course I’m serious! Why would anyone on the internet use it for anything but seriousness. Besides, comedy is overrated…

  4. avatar me

    this is more like a MAD MAX ripoff biker like gangs kills your wife and you get revenge .

  5. As a die-hard fan of car chase scenes, I’m surprised I wasn’t aware of this one. Then again, the Mega Cd completely bombed so maybe it’s not too surprising. At any rate, I thought the interactive car chase in Heavy Rain was very well done.

  6. avatar Christopher Bosak

    come on seriously over a f*ckin’ Sega CD game. Road avenger was good for its time, but in my opinion it sucks. haven’t you noticed that the only thing displayed for you to use on screen in the Mega cd game was show on the dashboard showing where to go. Come on do you think G-Mode would sue Quantic dream give ma a fuckin break. They have better things to do than to sue over a short scene from a currently released PS3 exclusve. Besides he’s doing what he’s instructed to do, nothing else.It’s only to save his son. Do you get it now.

    BTW SEGA CD was sub par compared to the “Playstation” home line of consoles. They are a great company but they have made more mistakes than any other company even more than Microsoft with the RROD problem.

  7. avatar Credible? LOL...NO - You - Are - NOT!

    You can’t seriously expect ANYONE to be buying this CHEAP PR attempt?

    What’s your association with Margaret & MMP because there is no way any reasonable person could EVER make an association between these two games, except to pimp a headline for the PR.

    The only obvious influence on anything here is the drugs…on your mind.

    Oh and your too stupid to know anything about copyright to substantiating your raving…lunatic…there’s about as much infringement described in your nonsense as you IQ divided by 2.

    That would be ZERO.

    If you still didn’t undefrstand me because I used too many big-boy words:


    Heavy Rain = Road Blaster . . . Sue! Sue! Sue!



    I don’t know if I pointed this out or not…but:


    • “If you still didn’t undefrstand me because I used too many big-boy words”

      I don’t undefrstand either! The big word was “substantiating,” and it was used… incorrectly.

      Satire article is satire! Why so serious?

  8. avatar Nick

    Dude, REALLY?

  9. avatar Now I remember!

    The biker gangs! The pandas!
    The jackknifing, overturned truckers!
    The road ramps! The jumping through skyscrapers!
    The 360 flips over broken bridges! The driving up staircases!
    The mace-wielding underwear-clad villains on my windshield!

    The turning left…
    and then right…
    and then sometimes left again!

    The rush-hour traffic in flooded tunnels!

    The pitchforks!

    The car and dashboard moving in completely different directions!

    NOW I see how you could see the copyright infringement of Heavy Rain


  10. avatar xino

    you’re an idiot!

    credit for finding this nostalgic video, but Heavy Rain did not copy that from the game. I would say it was sort of inspired by Saw 1 just a little bit.

    You do trails to find clues…oh I guess you failed in this part right. Because the Road Blaster particular gameplay scene was not a trail was it?

    fail article!

  11. avatar RETRO IDIOTS

    GOOD JOB, you CUM GUZZLERS. All you guys proved is, you guys masturbate to your Xboxs way too much.

  12. avatar Jamie

    The amount of you people taking this article seriously and calling this guy and idiot is just brilliant. Stunningly brilliant.

  13. avatar Oh please...

    The hallmark of FAILURE…correcting someones spelling.

    When you care enough to grasp at the very least.

    If you’re going to write something satirical actually WRITE something satirical.

    Satire? You wouldn’t know it if you wrote it…

    Oh, and I’m not serious, you are just a living joke…and I’m laughing at you because of it.
    It makes me laugh even more that you actually think you DESERVE a spell-chekced reply . . . You don’t. (intentionally misprelled) but that’s the last-ditch effort that simply says to everyone YOU LOSE.


  14. avatar Jamie...really?

    I’ve put more satire in my posts that the ‘writer’ has in his.

    If this is considered by any means satire…don’t you think more people than the sprellchecking author would have gotten it.

    I know good writing when I see it, write it and win awards for it so please point your “substantiating” in the direction deserved — that would be the moron who thought I was using the word “substantiating” in the first place.

    Nick . . . get another job . . .


    My team has an opening perfect for you in their sprellcheck department — let me get you the mop.

  15. When I see all these uses of “FVCKING” to avoid being censored, I can’t help but think it’s pronounced “FUVUCKING”. Which is subsequently very funny.

    The hallmark of failure is not correcting someones spelling. That’s the hallmark of good spelling.

  16. avatar My sprellcheck team has an opening...

    …Let me get you the mop.

    Now THAT’S satire!

    But you wouldn’t know that…

    ok — all done with you. Get your mop…and take yourself out with the trash.

  17. avatar FUVUCKING is better.

    Thanks, but you know some Fuvucking morons, really aren’t worth the fuvucking time it takes to sprell fuvucking correctlee . . .

    I mean what else should I say? . . . FUVUCK that!

    Ahh . . . always after me’ Fuvucky Charms — Satirically Delicious!

  18. The comments on this article reiterate the need for a global cull.

  19. Grahame you are my hero. In fact, if I wrote the Heavy Rain review, I would go back and change the score to -11/10, having seen these new facts brought to light.

  20. avatar z

    you guys are all pathetic. :) 1- the idiots who didn’t realize the author was joking, and 2) the author for THINKING that his article was funny:) nuff said. bye noobs.

  21. avatar Really?

    You tried to block me from posting?

    It’s called a PROXY SERVER…


  22. avatar Really?


    THAT’S Sarcasm!!! LOL…

  23. avatar I agree - Global cull!

    Let’s start with anyone who’s eyebrows, hair and goatee are from 1988…

    Anyone…Anyone…Mr. Davis…Anyone?

    Seriously, this was poorly written. Sarcasm should be clear, clever, and the author should be able to defend it with more than a sprellchecker.

    I’d know that because I’m brilliantly clever. You wouldn’t…
    . . . BECAUSE YOU’RE A — Seriously, now it’s just old.

    (sarcasm…gotta love it!)

    • No, the only people who require sarcasm to be clear are Americans, because god forbid anyone get offended from taking the subject matter of an article too seriously. Luckily, Grahame is not American :)

      And, just for some unnecessary fun, here’s a correction: “Let’s start with anyone WHOSE eyebrows, hair and goatee are from 1988…”

      Who’s = Who is :)

  24. avatar Wtf

    Just because a game did something before another it doesnt make this a ripoff. There were games with graphics before this one.

  25. avatar Yes Dylan...Yes, Yes, YES!

    Wow…did that grammatical correction help you sneer better?
    Do you feel all better now, looking down at those awful Americans?

    You see, I need to THANK YOU because you just made my point.
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    Well…FUVUCKIN sucks to be YOU — Both.

    • Being American doesn’t apply to ones race, but rather their nationality.

      I happen to be American myself, but was simply pointing out that Grahame isn’t. I was also pointing out the clear difference between American and foreign comedic tastes (in this case, stuff like Epic Movie coming out of America, and stuff like Hot Fuzz coming out of Britain. Both satirical comedies, but one more blatantly so than the other. The American one).

      This was not meant as an attack toward you or the American people, but merely to acknowledge trends I’ve noticed since living here my entire life.

      As Kevin says below me here in the comments, sarcasm over the internet is much more difficult to convey without the aid of voice inflictions and tone. So, perhaps I misinterpreted your intent. However, that does not change the fact that what you’re doing here isn’t contributing anything particularly useful socially, so I kindly ask you to tone it down a bit.

      This will most likely get a reaction from you similar to all your previous posts (if any response at all), and that’s to be expected. It’s the kind of person you. But this is where I stop. You’ve actually made me quite happy, in a way, because they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Your adapted use of “FUVUCKING” made me proud. But yeah, I’m all done, because guess what!?

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  26. Problem is, sarcasm over the internet is next to impossible. As is clearly illustrated in the comments that follow this satirical article.

    Therefore, in order to reduce the amount of l33t speak and fresh talk in all of these comments, please proceed to put a “-” in front of all of your sarcastic comments. This way we can avoid all this flaming and hate.

    - Thank you for all your insightful comments thus far

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    • Oh, like the “I’ll kill you, commit suicide, then kill you again” line by Jay-Z?

    • avatar You got it Jeff

      My juxtaposition, of the religious theory of Hell combined with Reincarnation, is itself Sarcastically Delicious. ( Always After me’ FUVUCKY CHARMS! ;)

      Except in my version, the racist b’stard isn’t graced with my presence.

      I get to sit back, watch, and enjoy the show.

      Also, m

  28. avatar Anonymous

    I don’t know which one is worse, that idiot curses all over or those other idiots who actually reply him back …

  29. avatar Considering

    My comments where completely sarcastic and amusing, until the racist idiot showed up…

    I’d say the idiots are worse…because I’ve never cursed here — even once.

    You’d know that if you weren’t a fuvucking moron.
    (again…sarcasm…no thanks necessary)

  30. avatar I'm happy now!

    This is one of the funniest threads I’ve read in a very long time. I thank you all. Each and every one of you. :)

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