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There can’t be a guy alive that hasn’t thought about paying a girl to play with him (if there was, there isn’t now), but I think most of that number would have been thinking of something a bit more intimate than sharing a game of Halo 3.

As part of the weird subculture within video games, GameCrush aims to capitalise on the apparently crushing loneliness of certain gamers in a bid for their wallets.

For a reasonable 500 credits ($8.25 in big-boy money), you can hire a gaming girl for a match (lasting 10 minutes) on an Xbox Live game of your choice. What is unfortunately not mentioned is whether you can tell how good your ‘PlayDate’ (as they’re apparently called) is going to be at any game. I’d hate to think that I’d spent my money on a hot date, only to find out they’re no good in bed.

The service is apparently hoping to branch out onto other systems, but currently only has Xbox 360 support, as well as a few casual flash games on offer. The¬†website launches proper tonight, so if you’re feeling especially desperate or are just morbidly curious, you might want to check out

  1. Jesus, this is ridiculous. Since when did hookers become so cheap?

  2. Sure, I get the idea that as gamers we want to think this concept is stupid and won’t make money, but I ask you seriously: Who wouldn’t want a date with this hottie?

    I DEFY you not to be interested ;)

  3. I’ll be honest: this sounds like a good idea to me. It’s sad that we live in a world where something like this will work or is even considered, but the truth is that this will probably take off.

  4. I wonder if I can sign up to work there…

  5. avatar steptomashable

    Prostitution + Videogames = Gameaddiction?

  6. Could’ve swore I saw Nick’s mum on this…

  7. avatar Joey

    Have you seen their commercial? CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! So many HOT girls:

  8. avatar Anonymous

    meh a 10 euro bj from a fat chick would be better than that

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