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I remember when Sony first announced the PSP at E3 back in 2003.  It was supposed to be the end-all, be-all of portable entertainment devices, with a brand new format called UMD that would revolutionize the industry.  When it finally came out in North America on March 24th, 2005, people quickly learned it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies like Sony promised.

Well it’s been five years to the day since it was released, and the little system with big dreams has come along way.  It’s had four different variations released, all with a plethora of color options, and there are now at least a dozen or more games worth playing.  Unfortunately, the runt of the litter, the PSPgo, is still an overpriced piece of crap.

Happy birthday Playstation Portable, and congratulations on reaching five years of mediocrity.

The best thing about the PSP is it has given people the opportunity to make wonderful unboxing videos.  Take this video made by yours truly for example.  Look how happy I am as I open up my PSPgo for the first time.

Little do I realize that I’ll only end up playing one full game to completion before laying the system down to collect dust for months on end.  I neglected to think about how expensive it would be to buy downloadable only games through Sony’s overpriced PSN service.  Let this be a lesson to you all: Do not buy the PSPgo!

I am interested to hear everyone else’s experience with their own PSP.  Have you enjoyed yours more than me?  Do you think Sony met its lofty goals and put out a great portable system, or is it still light years behind anything Nintendo or Apple has to offer?

  1. Your mum sucks!

    I love my PSP, playing FIFA 10, GT, FF7, Crisis Core and God of War have made bus journeys to college so much more enjoyable.

    Don’t know what I’d do without it. Probably be bored, on a bus…

  2. avatar chhopsky

    I gave my PSP away. Three times. No-one would keep it, they kept just .. giving it back. I’ve given it away a fourth time now, hopefully this time it won’t come back. Pointless thing.

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed my PSP. But I was a late adopter… got the 2000 model (white with Vader on it) right before the 3000 came out. By that point there were a bunch of good games to be had, and with the PSone games you can play on it, the decent web browser, and direct downloads (and internet radio) on it, I’ve used it a lot more than my DS.

    Happy bday, PSP. At least I love you.

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    • avatar Gerry

      Hi Stuart,They contacted me cpluoe of days ago and told that they had to cancel the contest, due lack of submissions. Appearently not much interest on PSP Flash. I aksed if the release of the keyboard will be realized, still waiting for a response. cheers.

  4. avatar Mouaad

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