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Technology is constantly changing. Some being large advances, while others are merely an iteration upon existing technology. Playstation Move is obviously an example of the latter.

Nintendo Wii proved to the world that motion control is more than capable of finding its rightful place in the video game industry. Captivating a new audience in the gaming space is no easy task. And yet, Nintendo’s established audience grows each and every month as the Wii consistently stands tall amongst its peers in sales.

But while Microsoft’s Project Natal is redefining motion control, Sony is iterating upon Nintendo’s success – all in the name of “precision”. Is that enough? Ultimately, does precision really matter?

The Wii MotionPlus was debuted by Nintendo at E3 in 2008. By the end of 2010 there will have been roughly 20 Wii games that actually support this peripheral. A peripheral which was supposed to provide Wii gamers a more accurate level of precision. While still a young addition to the console, it is almost an altogether forgettable device.

Among these roughly 20 titles, 3 actually require the Wii MotionPlus: The Legend of Zelda to be released later this year, Red Steel 2 to be released later this month, and the extraordinarily successful Wii Sports Resort. But let’s be honest, the success of Wii Sports Resort was not because of the precision provided by this 20-dollar peripheral.

Now, I in no way consider myself a fanboy of any console. Writers (or bloggers as the case may be) should never neglect or unfairly favor the resources available to them – especially when it helps give a fair perspective. So, I give credit where credit is due. Nintendo has sparked another space in gaming. That much cannot be denied. And with that, enter Microsoft with Project Natal, and Sony with Playstation Move.

When I say “Microsoft’s Project Natal is redefining motion control”, what I mean by that is that it’s a perfect example of thinking outside of the box. It, from what one can discern, is providing a new experience in the field of motion control entertainment. And for that I can appreciate and understand its place among the “competition” as some may incorrectly call it.

Natal knows what it does best and it advertises itself as such. The great jump in, jump out mechanic that Natal will provide is unmatched in this immature gaming space. No prior knowledge of how a controller works is required. Just jump in and do what makes sense – what feels natural. And how appropriate it is that the promotion that introduced the Xbox 360 was “Jump In”.

After its true, formal introduction at GDC 2010, Sony has made it quite evident that its selling point with Playstation Move is precision. The word precision was used at least a dozen times from Sony during its announcement and demonstration of its newest addition to the Playstation 3. A product that will come in at under $100 and with over 20 games supported by April 2011.

Think about that for a second. Within the first few months of its release, Sony’s Playstation Move will support precision motion control in roughly the same amount of games as the Wii. And of course I use precision in regards to the Wii MotionPlus very loosely as it is not as accurate and precise.

But what does precision give us? Does it make games more fun? The Wii proves that it truly isn’t required to make motion games fun. Does it help immerse us in the experience? Surely it does not when you are still holding devices in your hand. In fact, I would argue that Natal would be a more immersive experience in a majority of games.

OK. So does it help us play specific games in a much more realistic fashion? Undoubtedly. Such games would include sports games, first person shooters, and, with the success of Heavy Rain, story driven games – giving the upper hand of immersion to Sony in this case.

Sports games may be enough for some users, but not a majority. While FPS games with motion control are neat at first, it will always be far less efficient and useful than any controller or mouse. So, knowing that precise motion control gaming is beneficial in such a limited library makes me question why it is the biggest thing Sony is advertising. Ultimately, it doesn’t give enough of a new experience in comparison to what the Wii provides.

While gimmicky, augmented reality may be a more appealing feature to drive home to potential users of the Playstation Move. It would, ironically, perfectly signify how I view motion control gaming in the first place: gimmicky. But, Sony needs something that will differentiate itself from what are ultimately entirely new platforms in and of themselves. Precision isn’t the right way to appeal to a large enough audience with this media campaign of theirs.

But if precision isn’t it, what does Playstation Move provide that the Nintendo Wii can’t? Augmented reality sure, but is that enough to move the amount of units they want to? When looking at the Nintendo Wii and Playstation Move side by side, I can’t help but see the Nintendo Wii having the upper hand in just about every aspect of motion control gaming. Thus, not only retaining, but continuing to increase their audience.

Is the Playstation Move providing enough for you to warrant a purchase? Maybe it will do nothing more than make you dust off your Wii. Or perhaps justify that purchase of Nintendo’s little white box you’ve been contemplating for so long.

Precision isn’t it, Sony. Ball is still in your court.

  1. You do bring up a good point here. I can’t really imagine many games that really need precision besides golf. Also anybody who wants motion controls already have a Wii right?

  2. avatar Gizmo P

    Sony is doing the right thing. I am never going to bye a wii. I want top HD games for the ps3 and Move. Now sony is for anyone.

  3. avatar BananaSandwich

    Have used motion plus and i liked it, there just hasn’t been a game for me to justify me buying it yet. If Sony can offer what I want from wii and motion plus but in HD and with potentially more precision then great I will buy move instead.
    But ultimately it comes down to the games and what the devs do with the technology.

  4. avatar Infekt

    “Microsoft’s Project Natal is redefining motion control”.. erm. PS2 EyeToy 2.0. Your statement is BS.

    • I wouldn’t say it is BS. It opens up the motion control market to a broader audience in that it is as intuitive as you can get in motion control. So in that regard it is redefining mainstream motion control in the video game industry.

    • avatar Chris Carter

      Eye Toy is a niche product that works for a few games.

      Natal is supposedly going to make the whole family get up and dance. At least, if they advertise it that way, it could make millions.

    • avatar CT

      Infekt, don’t be such a silly fanboy. If you remove the camera from “Move” would the wand with the light bulbs on the end still work? Does the Move not use camera technology? Perhaps PS Move is actually PS2 Eyetoy 2.0 being that they are both made by sony and they had to light up a colored bulb inorder to get the camera to properly track your hand movements.

      Natal is performing this without the assistance of a 100 watt bulb. I am also yet to see Move show anything multiplayer with two people standing in front of the camera.

      Do I think Move is awesome, hell yeah I do. I also thing Natal is awesome also. So, please stop hating on natal because you fear it’s potential FANBOY.

    • avatar Chitae

      Natal is a redefining motion control system that will make you look retarded. When I first saw it at E3 last year, I was really disappointed and had a face palm moment since Microsoft is being desperate due to their loss of sales. Maybe porn-stars would make something called Natal Porn since “you are the controller.” LOL

  5. avatar Axe99

    I’ve got a Wii, and there is _huge_ room for improvement through greater precision. The motion controls in arguably the best Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy, got me killed on numerous occasions because the vanilla wiimote is a vague mess when it comes to interpreting motion. Even Wii Motionplus (which needs recalibration almost every five minutes in some games!) was disappointing in its level of precision, and while I love Wii Sports Resort, it has _huge_ room for improvement, which was a little disappointing give how much experience Ninty supposedly had with motion controls.

    As for Natal, I’m yet to see something (other than the rather creepy Milo) that is a huge step forward from Eyetoy:Play (which was great fun – I think every console should have something like that, and support MS’ efforts to do this) – until I see something that Natal does that looks like fun (pretending to hold a steering wheel and drive doesn’t count – I’d rather use a controller or real wheel attachment any day of the week) and I haven’t already done on PS2, I’ll be convinced.

    Of course, the same thing goes for Playstation Move. While the augmented reality stuff looks good, I’ll hold judgement from it until I see that it’s an improvement on Wii Motionplus in practice. However, if it is, I’d love to play Sony’s take on Wii Sports Resort with a motion controller that wasn’t a buggy mess :) .

    • avatar Anonymous

      Good point.

      As a hardcore gamer myself, if I had to choose, I would definitely go with the PS Move as it would give me something the Wii hasn’t and the Natal probably won’t: hardcore games. But I can’t say precision factors into that decision one bit.

    • avatar Amm

      no lol she didn’t die, didn’t you see her throw you a feggern rocket launcher at the ending of the game when you were fighting that tyrant with that bullet proof coat? It was pretty obvious

  6. avatar shacnbake

    none of us can really say if precision is important because the wii isnt exactly precise. motion plus is a nice upgrade but theres not really anything that uses it other than resort.

    • avatar Louie92801

      Iv’e played motion plus games its a bit better but if from the videos iv’e seen is CRAZY PRECISE

  7. avatar Louie92801

    I believe SONY is doing the right thing. For example the Nintendo Wii set the standard for the motion controller. So now that SONY knows what works there simply taking there Idea and making it better. Precision does matter, it will matter when you play SOCOM 4. Think of the Dildo ( LOL ) as a mouse, You have a wider range of motion then you do with a joystick. Meaning you can aim a hell of alot better. Consider this bro, Why do they make the joysticks that go on top of joysticks? So they can’t have a wider rang of potion for precision.

  8. avatar rb93

    What bothers me the most is that, as much as Natal is redefining motion control, if sony took their eyetoy stuff and put it on a PS3 eye, it would do exactly the same thing as Natal. In my opinion, they should just do that and say hey, look there’s natal but we can do it too. look there’s wiimotes but we can do it too. Sony has the potential to match both of these control schemes…

  9. avatar Louie92801

    The think is Natal isn’t new Tech Playstation Eye from PS2 already did that stuff. I understand there doing something different but its the same shit different day thats all.

  10. avatar bob

    I think you are being unfair to sony, if sony is iterating upon the wii, natal is iterating upon eytoy/pseye. You aren’t giving sony the credit they deserve, especially since move has a camera for face-tracking etc. Also from what I’ve seen all natal has done so far is have a demo of a ball dodging game and throwing paint at a wall(done to hide the fact it isn’t precise enough to finger paint imo). Don’t get swept up by hype, wait to see if they do what they promise.

  11. avatar Louie92801

    Oh yeah and Natal has LAG. You can’t have stable motion controls if there is lag so at the moment NATAL needs to pick up its game. Check out my Video on YouTube im Louie92801 on YouTube

  12. avatar chamber

    Wouldn’t a eye toy be a less “precise” version of Natal. I mean if your saying precision doesn’t really matter to make a game fun. You keep comparing the Wiimote to the Move, and disregarding everything Move improves, yet you seem to see Natal as this untouchable innovation when the Eye toy has been doing some or a lot of that Body and Motion control, and gesture recognition that natal does since the PS2 days.

  13. avatar Sword Swinging Cat

    Yes, precision matters. You can’t remake Bushido Blade with unprecise controls. Also, yes Natal is thinking ‘outside of the box’ if by that you mean the ridiculous stupidity of not realizing that playing Natal requires a courtyard not a living room. Thinking outside of the box like falling outside of the room. Not everything outside of the box is good, it also has to be intelligent. Of course that’s not going to happen when we’re talking about the x-box, haha.

  14. avatar Leon

    Is precision important? I cant believe people are agreeing with this article. Next you will be saying that you dont need better graphics because the Wii is selling like hotcakes without it. I think its good to push the limits- we wouldnt get anywhere without doing so. The last time I played Wii Sports I didnt play tennis I waggled the remote in the general direction of the screen and it worked. If Playstation Move makes the experience as close to tennis as possible then I think this is a good thing. Whoever wrote this article probably got their degree online

  15. avatar NEO

    Playstation 3 move have lag too just like Xbox360 natal, and nintendo Wii

    • I’ve heard the latency on the Move controller is very similar to the regular Dualshock….(dependent upon the game, of course)….so if that’s not fast enough for you, I’m not really sure what to tell you..

  16. I think it is important to note that the PS3 eyetoy can do what Natal is planning to do already. It captures movement much better than the standard 360 camera, it’s mic array is excellent at singling out voices and cutting background noise, and the PS3 is powerful enough to do what Natal is without the same level of slowdown as the 360 is seeing so far.

    I think that Move will end up being the Wii mixed with Natal. And since it has controllers, WiiWare devs will be able to port their games to the PSN rather than starting from the ground up. It’s a good way to capture both markets with one product…

    But I think what is possibly most telling, is that Sony has had the tech to do Natal projects this whole time and that people haven’t cared. I think Natal will probably be met with similar disinterest once it’s released and the hype has died down.

  17. avatar ghinasky

    did you say Project Natal is redifining motion control?


    Look at the eye toy first!

    • avatar k

      eye toy failed at both game support and marketing though. natal has enough resources and marketing to make it happen. If something is too ahead of its time and the support isnt there, others can follow and redefine a market

  18. avatar Dee

    I dont know about yall but i dont stay in a huge house with lots of living room space. So with natal needing 13 feet of space, id have to move my sofas and table in another room lol And im not going to my mom or bro house just to have enough room to play a game. So Move is where im going.

  19. avatar Dee

    And the Playstation Toy on PS3 have motion sensor lol It just dont have alot of games to support it
    So I guess natal isnt ” redefining ” anything . Its basically doing to the PS Eye what PS Move is doing to WII

    • avatar agree

      good point. redefining may not be the best word to describe it. instead natal is establishing a fully supported motion control device that separates itself from the wii/ps move. to new casual gamers i think it will be more intriguing than the wii/ps move.

    • avatar Arum

      I`m going to wait to see what the games are bforee I make the investment to get Natal. I hope they don`t put motion control in every game that comes out, that will kill it.

  20. avatar Nismo

    I think precision is important to those who want that extra level of imersion, yeah but it’s gimmicky as they all are. I’m on the fence about natal as it’s going to take alot to get that technology precise at all. I think Microsoft could pull it off given enough time and an insane budget but time is short so idk.

    DARPA has worked on this technolgy for years and it’s not intergrated into mainstream military, & that’s with a budget that would make any company jealous. So the light tracking is by far the best idea as of yet and seeing as Hollywood has been using that tech for years, it’s a smart decision. But I do wish they’d allow more that 2 full players, but oh well I can’t wait to see it, seeing as the tech behind natal is going to be hard to determine the diff between 2 players when in close proximity.

    All in all this should be an iteresting move into motion gaming.

  21. avatar Matt

    This article screams fanboyism or someone just doesn’t like Sony! How is Natal “revolutionizing” and since when did it have to be “revolutionizing” to be considered something worthwhile?? Wii is straight terrible (always was and always will be in the minds of true hardcore gamers — unless you’re a huge Mario/Zelda hardcore gamer, than nvm). IMHO, Natal brings nothing to the table I haven’t seen before! Most of the games shown at E3 were mere copies of Wii’s shovelware (do you remember this?). You know, kick the giant red ball zillions of times.. And..Milo..hah..there has to be a better demo of this come E3 ’10 because this is something no one will want to try!

    Focusing on precision is something I would enjoy, however, the games need to back it up. As much as I want Sony to do well with the Move, I can’t see it atm because the games are just not there yet. Yeah Socom looks good, but the guy playing it didn’t do so hot when he was demonstrating the thing, which leaves me worried. HOWEVER, there is SO MUCH potential with the Move with SO MANY awesome developers that have been backing up Sony for the past 10 years. Look at all of the great AAA exclusive games and unique PSN games that are already out! Can you imagine the possibilities with the Move if these devs jump on the bandwagon?

    My point is that it’s one thing if you don’t like the Move, but next time you make an article against Sony, back up your opinions a bit better because BOTH Sony and MS are using what the Wii had and are making it much more worthwhile for their consumers, not just Sony.

    • So one thing people don’t seem to take from the article is that I think all motion control is worthless. As you can see in the article, I call it gimmicky (which it is).

      As a hardcore gamer, I would prefer PS Move since it will have more hardcore games. But the article is written from the perspective of industry success (sales). I am not being a fanboy, just a realist. The entry point into a PS Move is much higher than a Wii. And with 360 shaping up a slim version, it is inevitable for the 360 to bundle in Natal at around the price point of a Wii. Which is something PS3 can in no way afford to do.

      As a gamer, if I had to choose any of the 3, I would choose PS Move. As someone who is looking at it from an industry perspective and what it offers, I don’t see precision being enough of a selling point for it to be successful.

      Precision and what PS Move offers to the hardcore is fantastic. But that isn’t what the question poses here. It poses the question in regards to the potential success of the PS Move in the motion control gaming space. Natal takes what the market is currently trending and uses it to its advantage. A large amount of sales for the Wii are for casual gamers. Natal caters to that audience. So if a majority of those that drive the sales in motion control were to read this article, I feel they would agree that precision isn’t what will make PS Move successful.

      Either way, I own all consoles so entry point isn’t as bad for me. But for those that will be driving the success of these products by purchasing new, PS Move has the biggest hill to climb.

  22. avatar Paperliles

    “the article is written from the perspective of industry success (sales).”

    Ok now you’re starting to go all over the place with me. First you make it seem as if your article is upon the “advancements of technology” which you seem to glorify that its something MS is doing, and Sony is simply “imitating” Despite the numerous similarities Natal has towards the PSeye.

    You make totally arguable statements in your article with natal somehow being more “immersible” And then when it gets called out, you take a u-turn saying, “Oh as a gamer I choose the PS move” as if it gives some re-assurance for writing such an article when you say yourself that “precision isn’t it” and the move would possibly do nothing more than make you dust off your wii.

    Make up your mind on where this article is going. Are you talking on success towards casuals or are you talking immersion on pushing the industry forward. They are two different things.

    • It was always written in regards to its success in the video game industry. Not what I prefer. Again, as is noted in above comment and article, I am a realist. And because of that, I am able to look past my own preferences and view motion control from an industry/sales perspective. Never did I make any u-turn, nor am I trying to give any kind of re-assurance. I am simply ensuring people are reading and understanding the opinions given in the correct context.

      Too many people just read the headline and immediately scream their opinions. If it wasn’t clear enough that this is the context in which the question was phrased, that is my fault. However, I feel the first few paragraphs and the way it is worded in terms of marketing campaigns for each system, are more than enough to conclude that.

      I never state my own preferences or biases outside of the fact that I think it is gimmicky. This article was sparked by Sony’s GDC presentation where they flaunted precision. And embracing that as a marketing campaign concerned me as it doesn’t seem to be enough, given industry trends, to move units.

      Ultimately, the biggest problem with this article is the audience that is being exposed to it. From a hardcore perspective, things like precision matter. But to a majority of the audience Sony needs to be successful, it does not.

  23. avatar Wtf

    You do realise that natal is only a more precise eyetoy right? Exceptbits 30 fps instead of 60… Precision does matter. Would you want a controller that says you aim up or down a little when you move the analog right? No because you want it to do what you do. So if you are aiming directly at someones head in a game you would want the motion controller to do it tje same as you. Also, it move can detect very small movements so if you have shakeyhands it shows.

  24. avatar pixelsword

    I don’t want to say that this article is wrong, but it’s flawed. Wait until the games come out first, but if you’re comparing demos from Natal to Move, Move wins, period. Your claims are also not researched as well as they could have been.

    Move tech was patented in the PS2 era, for starters.

  25. avatar Nismo

    Wow people are going crazy, seriously people he was just saying that precision alone may not be the best marketing move.

    Yes the ps3 caters more towards the hardcore gamer but they are also trying to sell more systems with the motion control. So with just precision being the focus with marketing so far, it really hurts their appeal to casual gamers.

    They need to focus on both hardcore and casual gamers alike, it will be hard but I feel as they get closer to launch they will start appealing to all gamers.
    They need something like:
    feel the power to move your HD gaming experience,
    be in control of your own HD experience with the ps3 & move,
    chairs no longer required,
    mice no long required to pwn your enemy,
    motion gaming evolved

    it’s all about catching someones attention and making them feel like they must have it and so far precision just isn’t enough to move the move in great quantities. So don’t hate this author because he doesn’t get as into the tech as much as you may like, be grateful that he gathered information and bothered to subject himself to scrutiny. This article isn’t about what better, it’s simply about what sells, SO LIGHTEN UP!

    • avatar Fresh meat

      Thank you for this well put comment. Now I don’t have to right my own rant in this flame war.

      I shall simply echo your words, “LIGHTEN UP!”

  26. avatar Anon Y Mous

    Precision absolutely matters. If you’ve used the Eye Toy as well as a Nintendo Wii then you will clearly know there are vast limitations to camera only games and motion control without accuracy isn’t fun, it ends up being frustrating. Hence the glut of shovelware.

  27. avatar The Round Peg

    The device can be precise. The problem is that human free movement is not precise.

    Waving a device in the air is not going to be as precise as controlling a mouse — with your arm resting on the desk as an anchor.

  28. avatar NEO

    you are right NISMO ps3 its aiming at the hardcore audience only, while 360 its aiming at both the hardcore and casual, a lot of people here including KEVIN MILLER preffers the ps3move over 360 natal why? because ‘they’ are hardcore gamers, i consider my self a harcore gamer but some how ps3move does not get my attencion, why you ask? well first of all its a total rip-off of nintendo’s wii and i bet that if sony see’s that natal its succesfull they will make a ps3natal rip-off too, and dont give me that ps toy camera because sony never knew what to do with it and also it was way ahead of its time (just like the dreamcast) but since im a hardcore gamer i’ll end up buying both.

    • avatar Mike

      Is a Ferrari not a total rip off of the Model T? They are both cars. After all, they both have an engine, doors, seats, steering wheel, four tires, gas tank. They do the exact same thing. They both turn corners, stop, go, get you from here to there the same way. Yet somehow, they’re different. After using the Move for two weeks now, I suggest you try using the Move. You might be pleasantly surprised…or maybe not. Not everyone’s going to like it. All I care about is I do like it and I’m very impressed.

  29. avatar Rafael

    I understand what you are saying, but you are considering the controllers only, and not the whole experience. Everyone that has a wii can see that graphics, hardcore experience, high definition, blu-ray and lots of high quality games, is not the strong point in wii. So, whats the point in having a wii? Party games and motion control. So, sony is starting to show everyone that they can have both worlds, without having to buy two consoles.
    Besides, precision may not be essencial for party games, but it should be for hardcore games. What kind of hardcore games would team up with motion control, i dont know. Maybe Heavy Rain.
    But surely, the thing is not only about controllers, is about the whole systems as an experience. And now sony has it all.

  30. As far as I’m concerned, precision matters … but only up to a point. Once, whether through hardware or software improvements, consoles/games can reliably interpret a player’s movements, I’m perfectly happy.

    Oddly enough, this means the area I’d like to see the most improvement in is the Wii Nunchuk. The sensors in that device are inadequate for actions requiring a direction, such as Shield Bash from Twilight Princess. Fix that and personally I’ll be satisfied.

  31. avatar Yella

    I think this is a real bad move for Sony. Got that? ;)

    If sony just trying to make and Wii with HD graphic. Then i think they gonna fuck up big time Cuz let’s get real.

    Nintendo 64 was released 1996
    Gamecube was released 2001
    Wii was released 2006
    Next nintendo consol will probably be released 2011 or 2012. And it will probably be a consol that have HD graphic and motion control.

    Right now Sony doing what SEGA did in the 90s… They putting out stupid million dollars projects to and ageing… Sonys Move is a modern day Sega CD and SEGA 32X… A desperate way to try to stay current in this generation…

  32. avatar Yella

    What I was trying to say was:
    “They putting out stupid million dollars projects to an ageing system (PS3)…”

  33. avatar Anonymous

    Here’s an idea: instead of telling half the story, look at the obvious. The Wii is a MASSIVE success. It’s huge. Nintendo got goddamn lucky, and hit it off perfectly. They aren’t trying to sell precision Wii, they are trying to sell HD, Blu-Ray capable, gamer (as opposed to family) friendly support, meaning that there will be ACTUAL games using the technology as well as the casual stuff. Sony isn’t being bashful about this either, they straight up said “Yo we’re making the PS3 into a Wii, but with HD, Blu-Ray, and AAA video games.”
    Precision isn’t enough, but lucky for Sony, precision isn’t the only thing selling this. They aren’t really trying to sell motion hardware, they are trying to stop Nintendo from selling as much hardware and software as possible.

  34. avatar Anonymous

    Sony is _not_ selling precision in PS Move. They are selling WYDIWYG in motion control. Because of the precision, what you *do* is what you get. There is no need to grapple with recalibration, or keep the controller pointing to the sensor bar. It liberates the user from these restrictions and connects their intuition and natural movement to the games/applications. That’s why PS Move has a soft handle, analog trigger and rumble — for squeezing and feedback.

    Unfortunately, not all games require motion sensing. So the complete experience will need to involve PS Eye subsystems too (e.g., sketch recognition, EyePet-sing-along, speech recognition, head tracking, etc.).

    It is a HUGE mistake for Sony to only talk about the motion controller. They should talk about the total experience instead.

  35. Can we all just watch Kevin Butler and agree that Sony knows what’s up?

    It’s marketed to everyone. Hardcore gamers will get the precision gaming they’re looking for with as much interaction as possible (motion, voice, and buttons….neither Xbox or Wii have all 3 of those…) Casual gamers will still get casual games. But guess what? No games are released yet! So there’s nothing to judge anything on!

    For all we know, Natal will release with garbage that the Eye Toy did for PS2, and everyone will see it as gimmicky, and not worth the price tag. Meanwhile, Sony could bust out a clone of Wii Sports and market it as actually being precise (which everyone who already owns a Wii, would realize how incredibly fun that would be if it ACTUALLY sensed the motioned….then realizing how gimmicky the Wii was, rush out to buy a PS3 bundled with a camera and the Move controller.) See? Things could work out so nicely in “the future.”

  36. avatar Wils

    1. Is Natal/Kinect redefining motion control? Or is the impressive technology being used to do eyetoy+? Hardly redefining anything.

    2. Even IF it is redefining motion controls (it isn’t), is it better? Or just different?

    3. Can Kinect do more than shallow Wii games? In other words, why should I get Kinect instead of Wii if I want casual games? Move and Kinect are on the same boat: can it get the casuals to choose them over Wii? I think not. But Move at least has SOME measure of potential outside of casual party games. Where Kinect has no noticable potential there.

    4. Precision DOES MATTER. I am a primarily a PC gamer. I play shooters and I play strategy games. The analogue stick cannot be compared to the mouse. Ask any PC shooter or RTS gamers out there and they’ll tell you the same thing. The mouse is better because it provides a precise and intuitive interface. Can Move provide enough precision for it to matter? That’s the question. Not whether or not precision matters, because it obviously does.

  37. avatar Mike

    Does precision really matter? I didn’t know how much it mattered until I got the Move on launch day. I really like Sports Champions and haven’t played anything else since launch because of the precision. I’m a hardcore gamer. We’re picky. We’re not easy to please. If I’m going to even consider motion control, it better be damn accurate and I better not have to deal with lag. Guess what? The Move gives me that. Technically there’s lag but my naked eye can’t pick it up. I tried The Shoot and Time Crisis demo using Move and I’m getting both because of the accuracy.

  38. avatar Safril

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