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Fresh from their current GDC conference, Sony have confirmed that their upcoming motion controller for the PS3 will be known as PlayStation Move and will be treated as an entirely new platform launch in the same vein as their rival, Microsoft’s Project Natal.

PlayStation Move will be available in a number of different bundles, including a package that houses a PlayStation 3 console with Move and an Eye camera, and a starter pack with Move, an Eye camera and a game for under $100. It has since been announced that SOCOM 4, LittleBigPlanet and EyePet will support the puerile product.

  1. Wow… they decided on something as lame as “move” for their motion controller? Even “arc” or “orb” was better than that.

  2. It’s quite a puerile name for a product.

  3. Now Sony’s exclusive acquisition of Media Molecule makes a whole lot more sense. They wanted them focused on LBP motion based stuff, and didn’t want them to move to Natal with anything similar.

  4. When my girlfriend first saw the images of this thing from the Sony Press Conference, she thought that they were bringing out a new sex toy game. I have to imagine that this is the thought a lot of the general public will have when they see it in stores. Not a smart move by Sony in my opinion.

    • I dunno, could be a whole new market ;)

    • avatar XBOX SUCKS

      u are stupid this is a smar move and it will domnate the game market and most of the games can also be played with a regular controller a you say itr not smart and xbox is trying to come out wih a motion controllet

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