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Joining the throng of digital pilgrims at PAX East this year, I quickly discovered that nothing draws a crowd of gamers faster than the promise of free food. Microsoft opened their doors to gamers this morning at their NERD (New England Research and Development) location, offering some bagels, donuts, and a chance to hear Major Nelson drop a little MS news on the crowd.

I won’t lie, the food was by far the highlight of the event, but some interesting info was revealed. It was confirmed this morning that Xbox360s connected to Live will soon allow USB drives for storage. Drives up to 16GB will be supported; while larger drives may work with the console, their 360 storage will be capped at 16GB. The update will be available on April 6th, offering a very little relief for 360 gamers whose current HDs are packed to the gills and can’t afford the dough for beefier storage.
There was also a Microsoft Surface on hand which was impressive tech in general, but underwhelming in the games category; the touch responsiveness for the few game apps left much to be desired. Much more exciting to us was the news that Crackdown 2‘s Rocket Tag mode would be playable on the floor here in Boston. More to come on that once we get our sugary glaze-covered paws on it.
  1. avatar Adam M.

    Thats good news 16 GB is enough for me, don’t need to buy the hard-drive thank gawd.

  2. avatar Jacoby

    That’s way more clever than I was epexticng. Thanks!

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