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In respect to the Academy Award nominees, I’ve decided to roll out the red carpet and match our favorite video games to an Oscar nominated film.  With an array of AAA games gracing our consoles and PCs, and the high quality production of films hitting the big screen, there’s no shortage of film to game counter-parts.

While actual film to video game adaptations have never gone over well, these selections will surely give audiences of both outlets something to cheer about.  So join me after the break as we look at the nominations.

Which performance tore up the turf?

FIFA 10 ­­­– Revered as the best soccer game ever created, and arguably the best sports game ever made, it instantly captivated audiences around the world.  Whether you’re a hooligan having drunken matches with your buddies or an enthusiast trying to enhance your knowledge, there’s something here for everyone.

The Blind Side – The film tugged at moviegoers’ heart strings by telling a modern day Cinderella story: a boy from the projects is given a chance from an unlikely family who grows up to be a professional football star.  Likewise, whether you’re a man of the game or have a soft heart for triumphant stories, the film will appeal to everyone.

Which performance better portrayed a derelict world torn apart by strife?

District 9 – When the aliens landed in South Africa, no one was prepared for the social fallout that was eventually bestowed on the world.  Torn apart by poverty and bloodshed, aliens and humans tried to coexist under the circumstances, but eventually, all that comes to an end when the tensions finally boil over.  With a little help from an unlikely friend, viewers sit in awe as an alien and his son try to save themselves from the grunge and violence they live in.

BioShock 2 ­– In an attempt to create a utopian society, Andrew Ryan’s city eventually fell victim to the ideals he tried to employ.  Eight years later, Rapture has become a wasteland that still remains in turmoil.  Thwarted by those who try to control its citizens, the game forces the player to save your “Little Sister” and escape from the filth of the city.

Which performance pushes the envelope of storytelling and dialogue?

Inglourious Basterds – Fans and critics were blown away by the sheer brutality of some of the film’s most visceral scenes.  Likewise, the dialogue intensive scenes created a foreboding of tension and discomfort that pushed the boundaries of storytelling in cinema. As a result, Tarantino’s latest film rewrites history as we know it, and all welcome it with open arms.

Heavy RainThe slow opening showed players the control they can have within a cinematic game.  As the story progressed, the early gameplay quickly evolved into a thrilling and timeless interactive experience.  Thus the blend of film and games opened up a new path for the industry to follow, and it has gone over fairly well with critics.

Which performance dominates the streets of the Middle East?

The Hurt Locker – Set in the streets of Baghdad, the film suspended its audience in a state of suspense and anticipation, as moviegoers waited for the bombs to blow up in Jeremy Renner’s face.  The result? The film has made its mark as the most iconic Baghdad film in history.

Modern Warfare 2 – While the setting spans across the globe, it is home to one of the most iconic scenes in gaming history: No Russian.  As the game opens up in Afghanistan, players are presented with a gut wrenching experience that stands out amongst other modern day conflict video games.

Best galactic space exploration and interstellar alien encounter?

Avatar – James Cameron developed a world that’s full of beauty and wonder.  The film took us on a journey that delved into an alien race while pushing the boundaries of cinematic technology.  In light of it all, audiences across the globe fell in love with the fictional Na’vi tribe.  The film is the highest grossing movie to date, and it will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Mass Effect 2 – Shepard is back in a whole new experience, where one’s decisions in the original carry over into the second.  Searching to destroy the remaining Geth, players are taken across new worlds, enmeshed with new and old alien species, and are left in awe by the story and depth the game delivers.  Aside from the imagination and the visual appeal, the game shies away from the RPG elements and takes a hold of the action oriented genre.

Well there you have it, Hollywood’s Oscar nominated films against the video game industry’s recent blockbuster titles.  In the comments section below, leave your thoughts, opinions, and your choice for each category.  In one week’s time, I’ll tally up the totals and declare the victor for each category.

  1. FIFA 10 – Only because it’s the real “football” out of those two.

    District 9 – FOOK MAN!

    Inglourious Basterds – For that manly man of a man-moustache on Mr. Pitt.

    MW2 – Only because The Hurt Locker was ridiculously overrated (still way better than Avatar, though).

    ME2 – Brilliance on a disc – or two.

  2. avatar CrimsonFox13

    Damn, either I played the game and not the movie, or I watched the movie and not the game. Or, in the space exploration case, I played/watched neither.

  3. avatar Quatto

    “MW2 – Only because The Hurt Locker was ridiculously overrated (still way better than Avatar, though).”

    The irony of that statement. lol.

  4. Man, I need to branch out from games a bit soon! I have seen none of the movies mentioned here. At the very least I need to see District 9.

  5. I’ve only seen/played one game and one movie on this list.


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