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You got coop in my Metal Gear! It seems as if all three proud PSP owners got together to film this new video for the upcoming Peace Walker.

The above segment features an encounter not present in the demo found on the Playstation Store. Speaking of the demo, I really enjoyed it- one of my favorite parts of the game (Demon’s Souls style) is that there’s absolutely no pausing, even in menus – this is most likely due to the fact that the game is meant to be played cooperatively, in order to force you to get used to constant action. Those are different classes you’re seeing in the video  - you can choose them at the start of a mission to suit your style.

Feel free to follow the YouTube link, and read all the “man I wish this was on the PS3!” comments.

  1. As much as I would want this on the PS3, I can see why it was done on PSP. The handheld co-op market in Japan is ridiculously popular. Anything from DS games to Monster Hunter on PSP. This game will surely be a big seller in Japan because of its co-op aspects. In fact, I bet it will be utilized more there than here.

  2. I cannot wait to get this game. :)

  3. avatar Kagebure

    Does this really work multiplayer? I mean Zombies Sure. Poke’mon of course But Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!!!

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