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Those who have been hotly anticipating the upcoming Sony-exclusive racer ModNation Racers will be relieved to know that a release date of May 25th has finally been announced. A European date has yet to be confirmed, but SCEE have stated they are aiming to release it the same week as North America. If this is the case, we can presume it will be available May 25th if Europe’s traditional Friday release dates are anything to go by.

ModNation Racer’s innovative track creation and share facilities have gained a fair amount of publicity since its debut at E3 last summer, so Sony must be feeling confident about this one. Hit the jump for a lowdown of some pre-order exclusives that are to be bundled with the game.

Pre-order incentives:

  • Pre-order from GameStop and score Kratos and his Kart of Chaos
  • Pre-order from Amazon and race as Ratchet or Clank
  • Pre-order from Best Buy and score Nathan Drake and his Jungle Jeep

North American box art:

European box art:

Source: PlayStation Blog

  1. Nice. I had fun with the beta when it would work right for me. Hopefully the full game will be even more fun.

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